Mushroom & Spinach Frittatas


When I first made this I was expecting my parents for breakfast and had no clue what to make.  I looked in my refrigerator and this was what I had so voila!  We had Mushrooms and Spinach Frittatas for breakfast.

What I love about frittatas is that you can really use whatever you want.  If mushrooms, onions and spinach doesn’t float your boat then just throw in whatever you want.  Typically when I make them I make up extra and freeze them.  On my way out the door in the morning I grab a couple, warm them up in the microwave and eat them on my way to work.

Weekly Menu & Goals

Napking Ring - Finished WWIN

Happy Thanksgiving!  I know – I know, I’m a bit early but this is my favorite holiday of the year and I want to make it last all week long!  Normally I’m on vacation this whole week; alas, I needed to grab a couple of vacation days last month to find my new car so I’ll be working Monday and Tuesday.  It’s a bit of a bummer but now that we buy significantly fewer Christmas presents and my grandparents are no longer with us to be visiting this week, I really don’t have as much to do as I did previous years.

The Christmas baking has been a bit lax in the WWIN household the last few years but we are resurrecting the tradition and will be having a girls day on Friday.  Yep, Black Friday will be spent with my mom and Belle whipping up a few batches of cookies.  We aren’t going to go hog wild but we will make up our favorite carrot cookie recipe as well as try a new one or two.  We’ll also get a couple of dozen cut-outs done using my favorite cut-out hack – buying pre-made cookies and then frosting them.  Just as fun and a lot less work!!

Quick Apple Crisp

Apple-Crisp WWIN

Growing up this was one of Michael’s favorite desserts, I found it in a Pampered Chef cookbook.  I liked it because it was so quick and easy in addition to tasting good!  One thing that I liked to do was to prep the apples in advance and throw them in the freezer.  That way when I was making dinner I could just grab them out, throw them in pan with the rest of the stuff and stick it in the oven.  How easy is that?

Granny’s Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish_WWIN

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought I’d re-share one of my family’s favorite recipes.  Growing up, the only cranberry relish I ever had was the kind that came with the lines in it (otherwise known as “canned”!) which I really didn’t like.  When Mike and I started dating I was hesitant to try his grandma’s relish.  To be honest, it was quite a few years before I actually tried it.  When I think back on all the years of yummy goodness that I missed….

This has become one of our family’s favorite and it’s so easy to make (and freezes really well!) that I always make sure to keep it in the freezer so I can serve it regularly with our dinner.  Every time I make it I think of Granny, who is no longer with us, and it bring a smile to my face.  Hopefully your family will enjoy it as much as mine does!

Weekly Menu & Goals

Napking Ring - Finished WWIN

Well, it’s official.  I’m another year older. My family did a great job this year of wining and dining me.  On the day of my birthday, the Chicks took me out for lunch while Mike and Belle took me out for dinner.  My parents took me out for steak later in the week and Michael took me out for sushi on Saturday.  How nice to be feted throughout the week!  I do have to say that even though I like to say I’m in my mid-40’s, my friends are relishing in the fact that they can claim I’m in my late 40’s.  To be honest, age is just a number.  I enjoy birthdays as it means I’m above ground, living life.  Plus, I do have to say that life gets better when your kids are a little older and you have the freedom to re-discover who you are.

Mike was home all week (days off, modified schedule, etc) so I didn’t get as much stuff done as I would have liked.  When he’s home I like to focus on “us” time since there are weeks when we barely see each other.  I do have to say that having him home helped me reach my walking goal.  It’s definitely more fun to walk with someone than by yourself!

On the menu front I can see that we’re falling slightly back into our menu rut.  At this point I’m OK with it since it’s been so long since we’ve eaten our winter meals.  I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll have the urge to be trying all my new foods again.

Practice a Random Act of Kindness – 9 Ideas to Brighten Someone’s Day

Random Acts of Kindness.  As a society we talk about them a lot but how often do we put them into practice.  If you truly think about it, it’s amazing when you think about the impact our actions can have on strangers.  Unfortunately I fall into the group that doesn’t practice them enough.

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK for short) don’t need to be large and extravagant.  They can be small acts that bring a smile to someone’s face and lightens their load a bit.

I think there’s a couple of reasons they they don’t always get practiced.  The first for me is I’m sometimes so busy running around living my life that I don’t always take the time to look for opportunities.  The second is sometimes I’m afraid they’ll think I’m a nut.  How many times have you thought “I should offer to help” but for some reason or another don’t?

A whiles ago on my lunch hour I ran to a local grocery story to pick up some sushi.  As I was checking out, an elderly lady with a cane pushed her cart into the empty line behind my checker and said “I’m just leaving this here for a minute.  I forgot my purse in the car and have to go out and get it.”

The lady started walking towards the door as I finished up my transaction and was leaving.  I notice how slow she was walking and thought about the long walk she had to her car and back followed by the trip through the grocery store.  Thoughts of the times when my back was killing me and how extra steps were torture made me start feeling bad for her.  I considered asking her if she wanted me to run out to her car and get her purse for her but I stopped.  Would this woman really trust me with her car keys and purse?  Would she think I was a nut for even offering?  Would she think that I thought she was incapable and be insulted?

European Vacation – Day 11

I really debated how to share our recent vacation with you.  While we were gone I “live blogged” to our friends and family on Facebook and considered posting here as well but decided I didn’t want to advertise to widely that we were gone for two weeks!  Although I’m a bit worried about boring you, after mulling it over I decided that I would re-post my daily updates here with that days pictures.  If you’re not interested you can skip over these posts :)

Nastradamus Fountain

Marseille, France was our second to last stop of the cruise. We choose to go to the villages of St. Remy and Le Baux for our excursion.  We chose this stop mostly because I’m fascinated with Nostradamus and St. Remy was his birthplace.

The drive was about an hour and a half through the most gorgeous countryside. It was unbelievable how picturesque the villages are. I’d love to go back for an extended stay!

La Baux

Champagne Cupcakes

Champagne Cupcakes_WWIN

A few years ago while I was looking for different cupcake recipes to make when I came across this one.  I hadn’t made a cupcake with champagne before so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Over time it’s become one of my family and friend’s favorite recipes.  When I’m feeling up to a little extra something I core it and stuff it with fresh strawberries that I’ve let sit a few minutes in sugar.  Delicious!

European Vacation – Day 10

I really debated how to share our recent vacation with you.  While we were gone I “live blogged” to our friends and family on Facebook and considered posting here as well but decided I didn’t want to advertise to widely that we were gone for two weeks!  Although I’m a bit worried about boring you, after mulling it over I decided that I would re-post my daily updates here with that days pictures.  If you’re not interested you can skip over these posts :)

Bull Ring in Mallorca

Today was our last day in Spain, we are in Palma de Mallorca. Prior to getting onboard the ship I hadn’t booked us any tours but at the last minute we booked a city sights tour. Most of it was by bus but we did have a little bit of time at each stop to explore. The fact that there was a stop at a bullring is what had Mike sold.

It really didn’t take us more than a few minutes on the bus to realize that we might have made a mistake with the tour as our guide was a nut!! He looked and acted like Colombo (an unlovable Colombo is how Mike described him) His accent was really thick making it hard to understand (think Ricky Ricardo) but what was worse was his screeching. For some reason he enjoyed speaking in a falsetto voice, extremely loud – over a microphone. I had a headache almost immediately. I’m blaming Mike for this fiasco as he’s the one who wanted to do this tour!

The bullring was first, however we had to go through a pearl store before they let us into the bullring. They really do have quite a racket going getting tourists in their stores. I wasn’t too upset though because they had very nice bathroom (that I could figure out the door to) which came in handy since I had neglected to go before we left the ship.


I would have to say that the bullring was one of my favorite stops. Unfortunately there were no handrails and I had to crab walk to the top, reminiscent of our pyramid climb earlier this year, and I scooted down on in my hinder. Mike has video but won’t be sharing it under penalty of death :)

We did go up to the very top in the towers (at least Mike did – he said I shouldn’t go up as I’d probably have a stroke the railings were so low) even though I don’t know if we were suppose to. All the other towers were blocked off and we were the only ones up there. The upper levels (right before the towers) were quite high and made me a wee bit uncomfortable but I did stand by a railing and paste on a smile for a picture. Due to our exploring we never made it to the center of the bullring. We were suppose to be on the bus at 1025, which we were. However, someone from our party decided to extend their stay so all of us sat in the bus for another 20 minutes while they were hunted down. Made me a tad crabby as I know Mike would have liked to stand in the ring but out of consideration to others we didn’t. Some people!!!


After the bullring we stopped by a castle which was pretty neat but we didn’t go in. We ditched our group as quickly as we could and spent most of our free time looking for a red bull as a souvenir and eating gelato. The area was very pretty but given our time constrain we didn’t get to see a lot.

Castle Mallorca

On the way back I noticed a pay per use toilet right by our bus. Not a bad idea since there were no retail stores nearby. No, I didn’t use it!

Public Toilet

We waited to eat until we got back to the ship because the main dining room was open, usually one of our favorite places to eat. Unfortunately, it was 1:30 which meant I was REALLY hungry. I was also headachy from that tour guide, tired and a little hormonal – all of which is not a good combination and a terrible time to make me mad. Unfortunately the cruise line decided to serve their crummy buffet in the dining room and not let us order ala carte. I really dislike their buffet and made a couple of snarky comments while in line. Fortunately for everyone in the general vicinity, after 25 years of being married to me Mike recognizes the signs of an impending full scale eruption and knows if he doesn’t do something quickly, it will probably end badly for him. After we sat down at our table with full plates of (crummy) food he says “get up, get up now! We are getting out of here and finding you some decent food!” Does this guy know me or what? We ended up splurging on a specialty restaurant called Giovanni’s on the ship. Best. Decision. Ever!

The food was amazing and the atmosphere was incredibly relaxing. It was really just the thing I need to improve my mood. Overall, probably my top meal of the vacation. All because I was in the verge of a meltdown :)

After Giovanni’s we went back to the room and took a siesta (hey – when in Spain…..) until it was time to get ready for dinner. It was formal night which we always enjoy, although I really didn’t eat a lot since I was still full from lunch.

Formal Dinner

Tomorrow we will be in France – can’t wait!



Weekly Menu and Goals

Napking Ring - Finished WWIN

It’s November!!  I cannot believe that October is over and we’re now entering the holiday season.  Time just flies so fast as we, or at least I, get older.  We’ll be getting our free turkeys from work this week so you know Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Last week was a bummer for me.  I mentioned last Sunday that I was involved in a car accident.  Unfortunately my car was considered totaled by the insurance company which was quite upsetting for both me and Belle.  We were planning on getting a new car next fall and giving Belle our current one.  I certainly wasn’t in the market for one now and we didn’t get anywhere close to what our new car will cost us.  All week I had a nagging headache but as soon as the adjuster told me it was told, I immediately felt a stake drive through my brain causing a full blown migraine – no doubt what triggered that one!

Once my car was considered totaled, I had three days to find a new one before I had to turn my rental car in.  Talk about pressure!!  Mike was working through the weekend so I had to shop and make the decision by myself.  I drove more cars over the last few days than I ever want to drive again.  Fortunately I did find one that I really, really liked and was able to take it home on Saturday.  Unfortunately we had to take a loan out which doesn’t help my “living on one income” goal and Belle won’t be getting the replacement we thought she would.

Although this week was stressful, I’ve been focusing on the positives.  1) No one was hurt, that’s the most important. 2) While inconvenient to take out a car loan, we have the wherewithal to do so and I bought a car I really like 3) There are people struggling with way worse problems than I have.

Enough about the car, here’s what’s cooking at our house this week: