Weekly Menu & Goals

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you couldn’t stomach planning what you were going to eat?  Me too, last week was one of them.  I had a general idea of what we’d be having but was not up to articulating it.  We ended up eating pretty well considering my lack of planning.  Somehow I had enough in the freezer and pantry to compensate for my missing ambition.

This week I’m trying to turn over a new page in regards to healthy eating.  I met with a health coach at work (I’ll share more once I see how it goes) so I’ve worked today on getting some lunches prepared as well as coming up with healthy snacks.  I’ll be continuing to use Plated.com to help me stay focused on dinner meals and will probably add one or two more meals to my box so that I can have interesting food to take to lunch.

Garlicky Chicken

Garlicky Chicken


Regular readers here at Wonder Woman I’m Not know that we love our chicken around here.  Every weekly menu is apt to have at minimum one chicken dish, most likely two or three.  Chicken is just so easy to make and it’s relatively cheap.

The one thing that I don’t always like about chicken is it can be difficult to get a good flavor throughout.  That’s what I love about Plated.com, they seem to have found the magic bullet to make every mouthful delicious!  This recipe calls for infusing the olive oil, who would have ever thought of that!  OK – besides the people at Plated.com :)

Seriously though, this recipe was so good that my daughter even pulled up a chair and had some.  Of course, picky eater that she is she did turn her nose up at the yummy stuff on top.  She wanted it “plain”.  That’s OK, that just left more capery yummyness for me!

Although this recipe appears a tad bit difficult, it really isn’t that hard.  We aren’t a huge fan of dark meat so next time I make this I’ll probably try it with chicken breasts.  Caramelizing the squash was, in my opinion, more of a pain than the chicken.  One hint, I didn’t put a heavy pan on it and it turned out fine.  Maybe not quite as good as if I had followed the recipe to the T but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

If you aren’t a fan of anchovies you can leave it out but it adds a depth that I thought was good.  I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as mine did!

Mediterranean Tacos

Lamb & Eggplant Tacos_wwin


Tacos are a staple in many homes.  They’re easy to make, don’t use a lot of ingredients and their one food that the kids are guaranteed to eat.  What I loved about this recipe is it takes the ease and simplicity of tacos but amps up the flavor with some unique additions.  The other thing I love about this recipe is that it slips some veggies into the mix without calling attention to them.  What a great use of eggplant!  Cut them up small enough and the kids would never know they were eating vegetables :)

This recipe also introduced us to Pomegranate Molasses, what a treat!  We don’t use a lot of pomegranate in our cooking but we enjoyed this addition to the taco meat as it gave it a nice kick.  Next time I make this tacos I will add a touch more of the molasses than the recipe calls for to give it a little extra flavor.

For those on a budget, lamb is a bit more expensive than ground beef, mixing the two together can give you the lamb flavor at a lower price.

Weekly Menu and Goals

Whew!  These last two weeks were a whirlwind of activity!  I was out of town on business for a few days, celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary and hosted Belle’s graduation party.  Do I need to tell you how exhausted I am?

Wedding Photo


I cannot believe that it’s been 25 years since we got married.  I really can’t believe how young we looked, what were our parents thinking to let us get married?!  Time has flown but I’m so fortunate to be married to this man, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.  For our actual anniversary we kept it pretty low key and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  We’re planning a trip this fall to celebrate the milestone anniversary.


They were projecting rain for the big event but the day turned out beautiful!  This party was my focus for pretty much the majority of the summer.  Although we had a good time, I’m glad it’s over and I can relax and enjoy my yard for the rest of the summer!



Belle had a great time and proved to be a good hostess, greeting everyone and making sure each of her guests received attention.  She really liked the fact that she made out pretty well in the present department :)

Weekly Menu and Goals



This week we totally kicked it into gear!  I am feeling so much better about Belle’s party given everything I got done this week.  :)  Pretty much the entire week was given over to getting the yard ready for the party with the exception of a graduation party I went to on Saturday night.

We did have a slight mishap out in the flower bed.  In addition to being elbows deep in poison ivy (a bird dropped poison ivy seeds a few years ago and now the ivy is mixed in with my clematis) which fortunately I do not appear to be allergic to, I was attacked by killer bees.  OK, maybe they weren’t actual killer bees but they certainly felt like it!  While digging a hole to plant some flowers, I inadvertently dug into a bees nest.  Unfortunately I didn’t realize it until they were already swarming and stinging me.  Needless to say that pretty much wrapped up my outside work!  While the stings hurt like heck no damage was done.

This week I’m traveling for work so we’re keeping it easy in regards to menu and goals.

Weekly Menu

You’ll notice a bit simpler foods into addition to some take-out.  One thing I’ve learned about my Wonder Woman complex is that I can’t do it all.  Food is one of those things I can definitely go simpler on so that’s what I’m doing this week!



Baked Chicken


A LOT of fend for yourself!

Fortunately for me I’ll have some good dinners since I’ll be out with suppliers.  There are definite perks to my job :)

Weekly Goals

This week I was actually able to cross off everything on my list.  Yay me!  Here is what I needed to get done:

  1. Keep working on the flower beds
  2. Mail graduation party invitations
  3. Post two more times

Given that Belle’s party is less than two weeks away, this week will be dedicated to finalizing everything for the event.

  1. Finish the yardwork
  2. Plan the menu
  3. Finalize the tent delivery
  4. Post two more times
  5. Work on the photobooth (this should be a lot of fun, I can’t wait to share it with you guys!)

That’s it for me, I’m sure there will be a few more things that crop up but I’ll deal with them as they come.  Anything fun that you’re working on?

I’ll be linking up at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Chicken Under a Brick


We eat A LOT of chicken at our house.  My go to recipe is to drizzle bone-in breasts with a flavored olive oil, salt and pepper and then bake for about 45 minutes.  Super easy and tastes delicious.  Sometimes though one needs to step outside of the comfort zone and shake it up.  That’s why I was so excited to get this recipe from Plated.com

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve been amping up my cooking this year is that there are different ways to infuse your food with flavor.  Cooking chicken in coconut milk when making Thai food is one trick I’ve learned.  Another trick I’ve just learned is to put something heavy on top of chicken.  Forcing the meat down while surrounding with fresh herbs allows the flavors to infuse all the way through the meat.  Who knew?!

The recipe calls for an oven proof skillet (which I don’t have) so while I was browning the chicken in the skillet I heated up the baking dish I was going to use so that it would be hot when I added the chicken.  Since my baking dish was pretty small, I used an actual brick wrapped in tin foil to press down my food.  Worked like a charm :)

I hope your family enjoys this as much as mine did!

Pad See Ew with Pork and Sweet Peppers Plus Plated Giveaway

Pad See Ew - WWIN

We have had many, many delicious dishes from Plated.com but the Thai dishes seem to be our favorite.  This dish in particular has made it’s way up to my most favorite meal to date.  I can’t believe how easy and incredibly yummy it is!

I’m giving away another two FREE weeks (a week consists of three meals for two) from Plated.com.  To enter, leave a comment below.  If you’d like a second chance to win, sign up for my mailing list.  See below for details.

Weekly Menu and Goals

Flowers Window Boxes_WWIN

Where is the summer going to?  I can’t believe we’re rounding the corner to the end of June!  This week was fairly quiet for me.  I spent A LOT of time out in the yard trying to get it ready for Belle’s party.  Mike is about ready to take away my debit card I’ve been spending so much money on flowers – yikes!  While I still have a lot more to do I’m seeing definitely progress which is encouraging!

Father’s Day was pretty low key.  We saw my father-in-law (I’m having my dad over for dinner on Wednesday) and then took the bike out for the day.  We were gone about five hours which doesn’t “sit” well with my backside but we did take a few breaks along the way so I could stretch.  Once again we headed up to Kettle Moraine which is absolutely beautiful, love that place!

This week is shaping up to be fairly quiet, hopefully the weather will hold out and I’ll be able to spend some time in the yard!

I’m running my second give away from Plated.com.  For details and to enter you can click here.

I chose not to order a Plated box this week so I’ll be recreating some of our favorites.

Weekly Goals and Menu

Belle's Graduation

This week I have something special to offer you.  As you know, I’ve been loving getting our meals delivered by Plated.  For our family it’s been one of the best changes we made this year.  I’m excited to tell you that I have a few FREE weeks of Plated to give away.  To enter the giveaway (the first of which ends tomorrow, Tuesday) you can go here.  Five winners over three weeks will be drawn to win 6 free plates from Plated.com.

In other news, Belle graduated last week.  I was pretty emotional during the day (graduation day also happened to coincide with the anniversary of my grandfather’s death) but was able to pull it together during the ceremony.

Courtney's Wedding

We also had a family wedding on Saturday which was great.  After dancing the night away Saturday I ended up spending the entire day on Sunday resting.  I guess I’m not as young as I used to be :)

Enter to Win a Week of Plated! Week 1

Thai Peanut Chicken Curry

Update:  Winners are Jackie and Theresa.  You will receive instructions via e-mail how to claim your free plates.  Thanks for entering!

It should come as no secret to regular readers how much I love Plated.com. After all, most of my recent recipes have been some of our favorites that we’ve tried from there. Every week the majority of my menu is food that I’m having delivered.

For those of you who don’t know what Plated.com is, it’s basically a service that allows you to order the ingredients (plus recipes) of meals to be delivered to your house weekly. Mike and I started using the service earlier this year as a way to break out of our food rut (you know – same recipes week after week after week), eat a bit healthier and stop the insanity of all the take-out we were getting.

When I first told Mike I was going to try it I got a “whatever you want to do” from him. He wasn’t as excited as I was but he’s usually onboard with my ideas as long as they aren’t to crazy. That one at least was going to allow him some potentially yummy meals.

After our first box we were hooked! Although a tad bit pricey (two “plates” which is basically one meal for two people runs about $24 delivered) since it’s just the two of us (Belle is never home) and we were spending a fortunate in take-out we didn’t think it was too bad.