Make Time for Friends

Dinner Out


Yesterday morning when I got into work I found a good friend of mine in a bad place.  You know that place.  Overwhelmed.  Under appreciated.  Sick and physically drained.  The feeling that you literally cannot do it for one.  More.  Second.

We spent a few minutes talking before we both needed to rush off to a day of back to back meetings.  I suggested that we go out for drinks and/or dinner after work to which she was initially non-committal.  Finally, about 3:00 I got a text that said “I’m in – how about xyz at 5pm?”  My response – “I’ll be there”.

While she initially hemmed and hawed about going, it turned out to be exactly what she, and I, needed.  We spent three hours eating cheese and crackers (of which you will find the remnants above.  I meant to take a picture when it was brought to the table but I was to hungry!), drinking wine and talking about everything under the sun.  At the end of the evening she gave me a big hug and said how much better she was feeling and how grateful she was that I “made” her come out with me.

Pride Goeth Before the Fall


Recently I was talking to a good friend of mine about stress.  She has been recovering from an illness and it’s taking her a while to get her strength back.  The conversation centered around how overwhelmed and stressed out she was. My friend was (is) to the point that she really doesn’t think she can keep doing it all.

Sound familiar?  So many of us go through the same thing.  One comment that she made struck me.  When I told her that maybe she needed to not take on so much “extra” work and let someone else do it or not put as much effort into managing everything she said to me “I know what you’re saying but I have so much PRIDE in my work I have trouble doing that.”

Weekly Menu & Goals

Welcome to another week!  This was a fairly relaxing weekend for me.  At least until the end when I got a phone call from Belle that she was in a car accident.  Fortunately no one was hurt as it was a low impact accident and other than the bumpers on both cars there was very little damage.  The people that she rear-ended were very nice about the whole thing which is always a blessing.

While I”m not happy about the accident, I do try to keep things in perspective.  Accidents are going to happen and hopefully this will teach her a little lesson.  Belle will be responsible for covering any deductible as well as the insurance increase I’m sure we’ll receive.

Other than having dinner plans with a friend, this should be a fairly quiet week at night.  However, it’s going to be pretty crazy at work so I’ll be keeping my plans simple as I’m sure I’ll be exhausted at night.

Strawberry Angel Food Jello Dessert

Strawberry Angel Food Jello


Today’s post is from my mom Gina.  This was one of my favorite desserts growing up.  Enjoy!

My kids loved this recipe growing up.  The thing that I like best is it’s simple, flexible and it can be dressed up or down depending on my mood.  This one is dressed up a bit!  If you are using a small box of sugar free jello, a serving will be about 140 calories.  Regular jello will be about 200 calories per serving.

4 Tips to Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Photo courtesy of the Woodman’s Grocery Store website

When Belle was little she loved to sing jingles.  There was a jingle for a local hardware store that went “You save big money, you save big money, when you shop….”  Belle couldn’t get the words right (she had a slight speech impediment) so she would sing “You shave big money, you shave big money, when you shop……”

Yep, Belle was looking to Shave Big Money.  Over and over and over in the car.  It was so cute that for a while that would Mike and I would use that term when we talking about “Shaving Money”.

I still like to “Shave Money” but sometimes I sacrifice “shaving money to shave time” or because I just get busy.  One area where our spending has gotten a little out of control is in the grocery area.  I’ve shared that we budget $250 a week (yes, that’s a weekly amount) for groceries and household items.  Part of the reason that our bill is so large is due to Mike’s eating habits as a weight lifter.  He buys large quantities of certain items and will not give that up.  As long as we can afford it, that’s not a sword I’m going to fall on.

Guacamole – Its What’s for Dinner



It’s been about a month now since I’ve cut added sugar and caffeine from my diet.  Surprisingly it hasn’t been that hard.  I think there are a variety of reasons why I’m not struggling as much this time, one of which is I’m still eating food that is satisfying.

Instead of depriving myself of a whole bunch of things I enjoy, I’ve been looking for food that I enjoy (and is fairly healthy) and eating that instead.  One of the foods that I really enjoy is guacamole.  Mike and I got hooked on guacamole at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  We will usually split an order of tableside guacamole and a chicken quesadilla for dinner.  It’s a meal we look forward to every time!

Pulled Pork with Coleslaw (Vlog)

Pulled Pork_WWIN

Welcome to the premier episode of the New Wonder Woman I”m Not YouTube channel.  OK, I did a video a number of years ago on how to make a tile coaster but this is so much better!

I would really appreciate hearing feedback as to whether you find these videos helpful or not.  My intent is to make sure you are getting good, quality content that can help make some aspect of your life a little easier.  If these videos do that I want to keep it up.  Of course, you can be a little kind as this is my first foray into the world of video :)  I will get more comfortable as I do these - I promise!

Here’s the video for Pulled Pork with Coleslaw.  If you are unable to view the video I have posted the recipe below.  I have also included links to some of the items in the video, they are affiliate links.

What Romance Looks Like After 24 Years of Marriage

Wedding Photo

24 years ago today I was vowing to love, honor and obey Mike.  Even back then I struggled with the obey part, fortunately he really doesn’t hold me to it :)  Whenever I look at our wedding pictures I’ll usually ask my mom why she let me get married so young.  “Let you – ha!” she usually responds.

We really were just babies back then.  When we exchanged those vows I really didn’t know what forever looked like.  Everything was so fresh and exciting.  The door was wide open to an exciting life, all we had to do is walk through.

Of course, then life happened.  I look back at that fresh faced girl who thought she had all the answers and laugh.  The girl who thought she could do it all and have it all.  The marriage that was always going to be fresh and exciting.  The romance that would never die.  Oh yeah.

Weekly Menu and Goals

I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July holiday.  We certainly did at the WWIN household.  In the morning we went to the parade held downtown.  This is Belle’s favorite parade because they throw candy.  Although, being that she’s 17 she doesn’t really get any thrown at her, but that’s what little cousins are for :)  Belle did the waving and my 8 year old nephew got the candy!  He did a pretty good job of sharing.

After the parade we went to my in-laws for a cook-out.  I made the Strawberry Kabobs that I posted a couple of weeks ago.  They went over well.  I used angel food cake instead of pound cake and thought it was a little lighter.

Strawberry Kabobs_WWIN

Mike worked so Belle and I went to the fireworks ourselves.  This year was probably one of the best that the city put on.  It was a beautiful night sitting at the lake’s edge watching them.  Perfect weather to be out.  To end the night Belle lost her iPhone in the grass.  We finally found it it about 100 feet away from where she noticed it missing.  Thankfully there was a couple who helped us out by shining the lights on her phone.  Belle would have been a sad little girl if she couldn’t find it as she would have to go back to her old non-data plan phone.

4 Tips to be Prepared in an Emergency

Red Cross


Image courtesy of the Red Cross Website –

Long time readers might remember almost three years ago when my mother’s heart stopped beating and she collapsed.  Pulseless, nonbreather is what they called her in the ER.  If was an incredibly scary time for our family and I have to admit if I didn’t believe in miracles before that episode I certainly would have believed in them afterwards.

Long story short, my mom had just finished saying goodbye to my sister and her friend when after shutting the door she collapsed on the floor unconscious.  Fortunately, my then 12 year old niece was in the room and saw what happened.  She was able to run outside and flag her mom down as they were pulling away down the street.

While none of the three knew CPR, my sister’s friend was able to keep it together and follow the instructions issued by the 911 operator.  Between the quick CPR my mom received, the prompt response by the fire department and the availability of a Lucas Chest Compression System (if your local fire departments don’t have one, this would make an awesome community gift), my mom came through the ordeal without any lasting damage.