January Decorating Project

When I look around my house I see so many things that need to be done around the house but I just never get to. When I started thinking about what I wanted to accomplish in 2012 I decided to tackle those decorating projects that never seemed to make it to the top of the list. 2011 was my year to organize, 2012 will be my year to decorate!

Back in January I listed 12 decorating projects I wanted to complete in 2012. I chose this first one to tackle because honestly, it was the easiest one to do and was bothering me the most!

Does anyone remember when there used to be phones that hung on the wall? You know, before we carried them around in our pockets? I know I’m dating myself but I’m sure there are some of you out there that remember house phones.

We haven’t had a house phone in over two years, but we still hadn’t managed to get rid of our house phone. This phone was a hunter green (matched my hunter green counter tops – how’s that for coordinating) and hung on our deep red wall. In full view of everyone. Everyone who knew we no longer had a house phone number.

The problem with getting rid of the house phone was that it was connected to the wall. The wall which would have a big gaping hole if removed. The wall that is deep red and difficult to paint. The other problem is that when we had a house phone I had solved my decorating dilemma by hanging up a picture that I absolutely loved and really didn’t want to remove. What’s a girl to do?

I decided to head to one of my favorite decorating stores, Hobby Lobby, and see what they had in the way of solutions for me. I decided that I didn’t need “the perfect solution” but one that I could live with until I stumbled upon something that I absolutely adored.

Before I left I measured the minimum and maximum dimensions I had available. When looking for items to hang on your walls this is important since sizes look very different in a store versus hanging on your wall!

After wondering around for about an hour, picking thing up and putting them down, I came across a picture of the Eiffel Tower that fit my dimensions. My kitchen has a little bit of a French theme to it, so it piqued my interest a bit. I decided to take it home to see how it looked on my wall.

Long story short, the picture is still hanging on my wall and I’m pretty pleased with the overall result. I don’t LOVE it, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when deciding what to do with a space.

1. What are you trying to accomplish? In my case I really just wanted to get rid of the phone and get a comprehensive look to the wall.

2. Do you have to love it or are you willing to compromise? This is a spot I was willing to compromise on, there are times when I’m unwilling to compromise

3. What size do you need?

I’ve found Hobby Lobby and Gordman’s to be great places to find reasonably priced prints.  The selections change frequently so if you find something you really like I’d snap it up, it may not be there next time.

Here is the picture I ended up putting up.  I repurposed the other picture for a different part of the house that I’ll share a diffferent time.

A few years ago I changed all the lights and handles in my house to brushed nickel. I’m debating whether I should switch out my light switches to brushed nickel as well, what do you think?
Have you done any decorating recently?

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3 thoughts on “January Decorating Project

  1. Oooh!! I love it!!! I’ve only been to Hobby Lobby once… I dreaming of the day I can get back there… maybe a summertime road trip (since it’s about 2 hours away). And yes, I do remember having a house phone – no call waiting & an loooong extension cord that could stretch all the way across the kitchen & dining room.