Apple Pie Baked In Apples

I love desserts, all deserts.  My limited amount of free time prevents me from browsing Pinterest non-stop, but when I do go out there dessert recipes are pretty much my destination.  For those of you who follow me on Pinterest that shouldn’t be a surprise given how many more pins I have under “My Favorite Recipes” board than any other board!

While perusing Pinterest this past weekend , I happened upon these absolutely adorable apple pies.  The original recipe is over at Chronicles of a Domestic Dilettante.  The recipe itself is pretty easy, I think the putziest part will be scraping out the insides of the apples.

I can’t wait to try these!

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2 thoughts on “Apple Pie Baked In Apples

  1. I saw these too & thought they were cute. Do you think a melon baller would work to clean out the inside? Then I wondered about the core. Let us know if you try them & how they come out! BTW… what time do you want me there with the coffee to share?

    • I’ve been debating about the best way to clean them out. I agree that the melon baller would probably be best. We’re usually done with the parade by 11:30, some come about 1pm. That’s probably when we’ll be having dessert 🙂