12 Decorating/Organizing Projects for 2012 – Make Up Table

At the beginning of the year I decided upon 12 decorating/organizing projects that I wanted to complete in 2012.  Unfortunately it’s the middle of June and I’ve only crossed three off the list.  I’m running a little behind but the good news is I still have six months to get the rest completed!  I did decide on my 12th project, it’s a big one and I can’t wait to share it with you 🙂

Last fall Belle decided that she wanted to get rid of her dresser and make a spot in her bedroom that she could do her hair and make-up in.  After talking about it, Mike and I agreed that we were on board with her suggestion.  Little did I know that agreeing to the suggestion was the easy part!
Believe it or not, finding a make-up table (at a reasonable price) is much harder than it would appear.  I spent a lot of time shopping at various stores that I thought might contain what I was looking for.  After multiple visits to Hobby Lobby, Target, Wal-mart and Shopko I turned to the Internet.  At first I didn’t have much luck there either but then I stumbled across Overstock.com.
My sister-in-law has talked about Overstock.com before and has bought some nice stuff from there.  I just never really thought of it as a place to find furniture.  Boy, was I wrong!  Not only did I find this make-up mirror but I also find a bookcase for the basement.  Of course that’s going to need to wait a little bit before I buy that!
I came across this vanity and stool at Overstock.com for about $170.  Because I can’t take at face value that I’m getting a good deal (I am from the Show Me State after all!) I Googled the table and found the same set for between $350 & $500 at other places.  I was pleasantly surprised that Overstock.com really is one of the cheaper places around, at least in this case.  Signing up for their newsletter earned me another discount and shipping was only $1.
After the discounts and the money I received from selling the dresser (I stuck it in our driveway during a neighborhood rummage sale), this vanity cost me about $100.  While that may seem a little extravagant to some people, my daughter has a nice piece of furniture she’ll be able to take with her when she gets her own place.  
Have any of you had luck with Overstock.com?
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