Recital Weekend

This weekend was the annual dance recital weekend.  My daughter thrives on this weekend.  Me? I just hold on tight and hope to get through it without losing my mind or all of our money 🙂

Belle has been taking dance lessons for 12 of her 15 years.  In all fairness, as she’s gotten older recital week has gotten a little easier.  I’m not sure if it’s because she is capable of doing more fore herself, we’ve gotten the routine down or I just don’t stress quite as much.

Recital week starts with two dress rehearsals during the week.  With school still in session, that means that the rehearsals occur after school.  Since rehearsals run until about 11pm that results in some pretty tired kids.

During the second dress rehearsal, parents are allowed in to video tape the dances (no videotaping the day of the recital).  After 12 years of videotaping, one would think that I have the whole deal down.  Come on, you should know me better by now!  Once again neither video camera was charged, I misplaced my video pass and I was totally unorganized.  Throw in an emotional day at work, a 21 year old with a little attitude and you have a mama who was about to bust a blood vessel.  I totally missed the first dance and had to use my Ipad to video tape the other two dances.  My sister-in-law was going to try and tape the last dance for me so hopefully I’ll have at least one good copy of her dances.  I guess this beats the year my mother-in-law did the video taping and all I had was the head of the woman who was sitting in front of her!

The day of the dress recital is always chaos.  I guess I learned my lesson last year when her hair appointment took so long that she ended up putting her first costume on in the car on the way to the recital.  She barely got there in time to line up for her first dance.

This year I made her hair appointment for 8:30.  I wanted to get a picture of her in the chair but – surprise – I was running late from an errand and she was done by the time I got back.  Here’s the fancy hair-do


Instead of waiting at the salon for her, I decided to run my errands.  After dropping tickets off at my mother’s house I headed for the florist for the yearly ritual of the “giving of the flowers”.  I think this event was created by the florists as a way to boost their sales.  After the recital the young ladies are presented with flowers from their families and friends.  Some people go crazy and buy buckets of flowers to hand out, I keep it fairly simple and just get arrangements for Belle and my nieces.  In the rush of the day I forgot to take pictures of the pile of flowers so here’s a photo of the arrangement after the fact.

Once we got home from the hair appointment it’s time for the make-up.  Being up on the stage washes the kids out so heavy make-up is the order of the day.  Belle puts her ‘base’ make-up on at home and then then heavier stuff at the recital.

Next comes the costumes

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