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A while back I was introduced to these tile coasters during a party.  Everyone at the party had the opportunity to make one.  I chose the word “SIMPLIFY” as that was a goal of mine at that time.  I’m still using it but haven’t quite accomplished that goal!  These were so easy that I’ve been meaning to make a whole set but have never gotten around to it – until now.

I decided to try something a little different.  In addition to the step by step directions below I’ve also done my first vlog posting!  The video below will show you step by step directions to make the coasters.  A special thank-you to my son Michael who helped with this “production” and listened to his mother go through a few test runs before declaring my very first vlog to be “good enough”.  Do you like the video tutorial?  I’d appreciate feedback as I look to evolve my blog.

Instructions for Tile Coasters

The coaster is made out of 4″ floor/wall tiles with words rubbed or painted on.  4″ tiles can be picked up at any home improvement store with a flooring section.  The smoother the tile the easier the words will transfer.  When I was shopping for tiles I came across these beautiful tumbled travertine tiles.  What I like about them is their imperfection.  However, the imperfection of the tiles also translates into imperfection when transferring the words.

Here are the items you will need:  4″ square tiles, felt backing, rub on words, scissors, blunt edge object to help transfer.  I used a pan scraper but you could use a Popsicle stick or other object as long as it’s not sharp.

With a damp washcloth, wipe the front and back of each tile.  On the back of each, in each corner apply a felt pad.  In this example I used a tile with a finished back.  If your tile has an unfinished back I would recommend cutting out a piece of felt (just a tad bit smaller than the tile itstelf) and glue it to the back so that the back of the tile has a finished look as well as not scratching the surface.

Decide which words you want and cut out being careful to leave the protective back on.  Decide which word you want on each tile and the approximate position.  Natural stone tiles (such as these) may have different colors running through them.  You will want to make sure that each set of coasters is similar in color

Peel the protect back off (be careful not to scrape the words) and position where you want them.  Because these tiles are “imperfect”, I tried to maneuver my words where there weren’t a lot of holes so they may not be perfectly centered.  Rub across the words fairly firmly.  When you believe that you have rubbed hard enough GENTLY start to peel away the film.  I’ve found that what works best is to keep your utensil on the film as you are lifting it.  If some of the word hasn’t transferred it’s then easy for me to put the film back down and rub some more until the word is transferred appropriately.  If you want you could use a small piece of tape to help hold down transfer paper.

If you want, at this point you could seal with a paint sealant.

Congratulations to Tammy, the winner of the coaster giveaway.  I’ve contacted you via e-mail for shipping details.

Are you ready for the Giveaway?

Beige coasters with blue friendship quotes
Beige coasters with pink and brown friendship quotes

Cream tumbled travertine tile with black print

One reader will win their choice of one set of coasters from the three options above.  There are five opportunities to enter:

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Love these coasters but don’t have the time or feel like your handy?  Check out the link above to my Etsy store.

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34 thoughts on “Tile Coaster Tutorial

  1. These are ridiculously cute! I was looking into making coasters, but why should I do that, when I can win some! 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway
    (bethannwhitmore at gmail dot com)

  2. Love to win these coasters, I just got engaged so we will be living together after we get married next year, and how perfect would these coasters be for our new house together! Following via GFC!


  3. Your coasters are beautiful. Love the fonts and words. My friends and I did a zillion of these for a church event giveaway one time! Whew, I like the idea of doing four or so at a time much better. But they do turn out really cute.

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