12 Decorating Projects for 2012 – Year End Wrap Up

At the beginning of 2012 I decided on 12 decorating/organizing projects I wanted to accomplish this year.  I like to make lists because it gives me focus, a road map for what I want to accomplish.  The areas were chosen based on how badly they irritated me, feasibility of accomplishing and how much I wanted to get them done.

Well, it’s the moment of truth when I hold myself up to my goals to find out how well I did.  Let’s see how I did.


1.  Living Room

This was our summer vacation project and my favorite project of the year.  After 19 years of living in this house I was finally able to convince my husband to redecorate.  I get bonus points for keeping the whole re-do under $500!  You can read what I did here.

 2.  Wall connecting kitchen and living room

This is another one of my favorite re-dos.  It never fails to amaze me how much one simple change can improve upon a space.  You can read more about the project here.

3.  Desk area in family room

I haven’t written the post yet but here is Belle and I posing with he shelf we put together ourselves to replace the desk in the background.  We use this to house souvenirs from our travels.  The area still isn’t completely done but this is a vast improvement over the huge computer desk.

4.  Belle’s make-up table

Belle is pretty pleased with her new make-up table.  I just wish it looked like this all the time!  We did have a little mishap with her chair.  A friend of Belle’s was sitting on it when the legs snapped.  I guess a new seat will be on the 2013 list.  You can read more about the project here.

 5.  Belle’s closet

Belle’s closet it pretty small plus it does double duty as her dresser.  My goal was to buy a nice wooden closet organizer with shelves and drawers to maximize the space.  Unfortunately we just didn’t get to it, we’ll be keeping it on the list for 2013.

6.  Master bedroom wall

I re purposed the picture from my kitchen/living room to finish this project.  You can read more details here.

7.  Master bedroom closet

This is another project that didn’t get worked on but will be on the 2013 list.

8.  Utensil drawer


9.  Corner kitchen cabinet

I used Christmas money from last year to purchase new, stack-able containers.   While this solution is better than what we previously had, it hasn’t been quite the life saver that I had hoped it would be.  You can read more about the original project here.

10.  Bathroom light fixture

Yet another project I didn’t get to.  Money is pretty much the reason behind this one.  The light fixture I want is fairly expensive.  Even though our current light fixture is unattractive it still works and wasn’t a critical fix.  We’ll definitely be keeping this on the 2013 list!

11.  Family room movie credenza

I walk past this piece of furniture every day on my way to the laundry room.  The clutter was driving me nuts so that’s why it was added to 2012 list.  It was a pretty simple project, just needed some focus.  You can read about the de-cluttering here.

12.  Unnamed project

I never really came up with a last project.  For a while we planned on doing a major project in our backyard but that fell through.

That’s how I did on this goal list.  While I didn’t accomplish everything on the list I did finish the most aggravating projects so I feel pretty good about what I got done.

How about you, did you get a lot of decorating projects done in 2012?




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