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You know what I love about life?  No matter how much you plan it always throws you a curve ball.  I sat down yesterday and made my weekly menu, posting it bright and early today over at Chick Chat This and That.  We were going to get up early for church, see my in-laws and then have my parents over for dinner.  I was hoping that in between I’d get some organizing done.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.  My daughter woke up this morning vomiting accompanied by a raging fever.  If you happened to catch my post Tis the Season – Flu Season That Is, you’ll know this wasn’t totally unexpected.  Good news is that it appears she may only have a tummy virus and not the full blown flu that Mike had.  Crossing my fingers that I have expected the germs!

Even though I cancelled the dinner with my parents I did go ahead and make the new appetizer I wanted to try.  It was delicious!  I took pictures and will be sharing it with you later this week.  I then pulled some frozen Pulled Pork out of the freezer for Michael.  I didn’t eat any since I was so full from my appetizer.  I also made the Apple Brown Betty for dessert that I’ll be sharing in a couple of weeks and made the White Chicken Chili for later this week.  Michael loves it when I do recipes for the blog!

Here’s the menu for

  • White Chicken Chili & Beer Bread
  • Spaghetti & Meatballsstrawberry salad, glazed carrots, garlic bread, Apple Brown Betty (I’ll be sharing the recipe soon) – This is the dinner that I substituted Pulled Pork for
  • Taco buffet (we all like different taco meals so I make a buffet that allows the family to create a salad, a quesadilla, hard shell taco, etc)
  • Fish fry (I bought some perch on sale last fall.  Since it’s suppose to be relatively warm we decided to fry them up), cole slaw, rye bread
  • Fend for yourself
  • Dinner out

That’s what we’ll be eating. What’s on your menu?


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