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Now that spring is finally here we’ve switched to our summer menu.  For us, that means a lot of grilling!  I find grilling to be an easy, fairly healthy way to put dinner on the table for the family.  I haven’t had a chance to write a lot about it yet, but I recently joined Weight Watchers.  I’ve found that I’m able to pretty easily tweak the menu to help me stay within my daily point allowance.

One area that I haven’t been doing well on is watching my food budget.  We spent $280 at the store this week (that’s a weekly amount), I’m really not sure what we really bought.  Not taking inventory before shopping didn’t help.  I currently have two packs of brats sitting in my freezer.  I’m sure once I get through my pantry and freezer cleaning I’m going to find a lot more duplicates.  Hopefully next week our bill will be a little smaller.

Here is our menu for the week.

That’s it for us, what’s on your menu?

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