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Today is our 23rd anniversary.  Unfortunately Mike is working a 12 hour shift so I’m keeping myself occupied around the house.  We are however going to have a special dinner.  To celebrate we’ll be having steaks on the grill as a family.

I think this week should be pretty easy.  Monday night I have my Chick meeting but the rest of the week we don’t really have anything going on.

We’ve still managed to curb our eating out.  Typically we have been eating out about once a week this summer.  Either going out with friends or ordering in.  I’m hoping we’ll be able to keep it up this winter.

Michael has decided that it’s time he thinks about moving out (he’ll be 23 later this year).  This brought up quite an interesting discussion about his cooking abilities.  I always assumed that since the kids help get dinner on the table they know how to cook.  I guess I was wrong!  He can produce some simple meals himself, but given money will be a little tight while he’s still in school him and his roommate are planning on cooking for themselves.  I’ll be trying to get him more involved in the prep work so he’s comfortable cooking once he leaves the nest.

Here’s our menu for the week.

Steaks, grilled pineapple, strawberry salad, tomato salad, Texas toast

Steak on the Grill


Barbecue Spare Ribs (I bought two racks of Lloyd’s already cooked so all I need to do is heat them up), Sugar Snap peas (recipe later this week), salad (from our CSA basket – yum!), artisan bread

photo (78)


Grilled pizza

photo (40)

 Grilled Salmon Salad – my friend Lynn over at Chick Chat This and That shared this salad.  I have some salmon sitting in the freezer and I thought it would be good with the rest of our CSA salad.


 Brats, corn, roasted potatoes, salad


photo (21)


Dinner Out

Fend for Yourself

That’s our menu.  What are you cooking?

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