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Now that Labor Day has passed us by, I’m ready to start pulling out my fall/winter recipes.  Even if the hot weather doesn’t support it!

Saturday I was planning on doing a bunch of organizing but received some unexpected fruit that needed to be dealt with.  Instead of cleaning/organizing I decided to have a freezer cooking day.  I spent pretty much all day in the kitchen and am planning on using some of the fruits of my labor later this week.

Can I do a little complaining?  Has the price of groceries gone up or am I completely out of control?  This week during my regular grocery shop trip I spent $265 (that’s one week of groceries).  I did find a terrific sale on chicken ($2/lb for boneless breasts), bought the stuff to make both batches and chili and I had to buy dog food ($20) but other than that I don’t believe I went overboard.  I then spent another $65 buying stuff for my freezer cooking day.  I certainly hope that I start seeing some relief when I’m able to “shop from my freezer”.

This week I have a Chick meeting, Belle has dance and we have a wedding to attend so there’s only going to be a couple of family dinners.  I guess the lazy days of summer are over!



Crock Pot Sweet Garlic Chicken - This looks amazing!  Can't wait to try.

Crock Pot Sweet Garlic Chicken – I found the recipe on Ziplist and can’t wait to try it!


Stuffed Haddock


Baked Haddock, salad, glazed carrots, dinner rolls

photo (21)

Brats (come on – you didn’t think I’d give these up yet did you?), roasted potatoes, corn

Dinner out (x2)

Fend for yourself (x2)  I made white chicken chili and three meat chili this week so there’s plenty of food in the house!

Have you switched back to your winter menu or are you still in the summer rotation?


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