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Salmon - Finished

In the past I’ve shared my struggle with menu planning with you.  I truly believe it’s the best way to be organized and save money but our family is horrible at following it.  We found out this week that there’s going to be a new wrinkle to our family time so I’m going to have to sit back and reassess how I go about feeding my family.  At the beginning of the year Mike will be changing shifts.  Between his new shift and Belle’s work/dance schedule we’ll be lucky to have one family dinner a week.  I’m going to have to figure out how to make sure there’s food available for everyone that they’ll actually eat as left overs!

We’re starting the week off with Mike working second shift tonight so right off the bat our main family dinner night is toast.  Given that there are two nights he won’t be home and the third night he’ll be toast (lack of sleep for three days), I’m not really planning on a lot of family meals.  I’ll cook up a few meals that taste good reheated and plan on a lot of fend for yourself nights.

Here’s what I plan on having available for the family

White Chicken Chili

Outback Salmon

Chicken and Stuffing Casserole


Dinner out

Leftovers x2

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