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The past two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind but things are finally getting back to normal around here.  Last Saturday night Mike and I returned from our cruise vacation (it was fabulous, I’ll share more later) to a text message from a colleague that she was going to be picking me up at 7am on Monday morning for a customer visit to Miami.  I knew before I left for vacation that this trip was a remote possibility but I was still surprised by the text.  I pretty much had last Sunday to grocery shop, do laundry and pack before leaving the next day.  Needless to say there was no menu planning or cooking this past week!

I’m finally rested up and ready to start my food planning for this coming week.  While on board the ship Mike fell in love with the simple balsamic vinegar/olive oil they dressed the salads with so he’s on a new salad kick which makes planning for him pretty easy.  I need to start watching the scale after two 1/2 solid weeks of wonderful meals so I too will be eating lots of fruits and salads.

Here’s what we’ll have available this week:

photo (21)

Brats – I know it’s a little early but the snow melted while we were gone and there is a path to the grill.  I had some brats in the freezer so we figured we’d take advantage of the melted snow and grill them up.

Pecan Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken – Mike actually took care of grilling the chicken this morning.  We basically took two bags of chicken breasts, marinated them and the grilled them.  We’ll be using these all week in salads.

Antipasto - CCTNT

Antipasto – I don’t have any dinner plans out this week so I figured one or two of the nights I’d make myself up a small antipasto platter.

Mushroom and Spinach Fritatta - WWIN

Frittatas – If I don’t have these available for my morning commute I backslide into McDonald’s so I”ll be baking a batch of these as well.

That’s pretty much it for us.  I also bought a lot of fruits and vegetables (asparagus was available as well as some awesome tasting mangos) that we’ll be munching on all week as well.

What’s on your plate?

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