Weekly Menu and Goals

Thank God this week is over!!  As I’ve worked to simplify my life a bit I’ve gotten use to a slightly slower pace.  Don’t get me wrong, life is still crazy but I usually have at least 1 to 2 nights where I can veg and relax.  Not this week, I was hopping every day and night of the week.  Even today yet I have a boatload of stuff to get done prepping for company and parties tomorrow.

Unfortunately this coming week really isn’t going to be better than last week.  Last Thursday I was asked if I could visit a company who is testing a product we’re planning on launching in the next month or so.  It’s an amazing opportunity to work with a well respected industry leader and I’ll be able to garner a ton of information.  The trip just adds a tad bit of stress in my life!

As you know, Monday (tomorrow) is Memorial Day so the kids and I will be spending it with family (Mike works).  Tuesday is my class (last week I didn’t get home until almost 11pm – ugh!) while Wednesday morning I fly out to Florida.  Cross my fingers, I’m hoping to get back in time for my friend Lynn’s wedding on Friday.  Hitting the wedding may be a little tough but I should definitely get back for the reception.  I’m only going to think pleasant thoughts that my flights go well.  Saturday is Belle’s dance recital so it’s another craaaaaazy week!

Based on the above, there isn’t a lot of cooking that I”ll be doing!

Weekly Menu

Here are some of the food my family will be eating this week

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Image courtesy of the Neely’s at the FoodNetwork

Pulled Pork  – My recipe will be coming later (this was one of the video segments I did.  I saw one of the still shots the photographer got of the food and it looked amazing!  I can’t wait to share it with you.  I invited my parents and their friends over for supper as we had so much food.

Chocolate Strawberries - WW


Chocolate Covered Strawberries – perfect for a Memorial Day picnic

photo (22)

 Brats – I won’t be cooking these myself but they’ll definitely be on the menu at my in-laws!

Champagne Cupcake 2

I’m also baking Champagne cupcakes for my husband to take to work since they’re all working on a holiday.  Instead of putting champagne in the frosting (they tend to frown on that at work!) I’m using pureed strawberries – yum!

There will be a lot of fend for yourself going on!!

Weekly Goals

Here is what I was hoping to accomplish last week.

  • Prepare script for videographer
  • Prep supplies for taping (I’m hoping to get 5 – 7 segments taped)
  • Clean office (I think I may have company on Saturday and they’ll want to see the office)
  • Post three times

As I said earlier, this last week was crazy.  I started a class on Wednesday, helped my mom on Wednesday, entertained Belle’s boyfriend on Thursday, prepped Friday and Saturday for the videotaping, taped 5 segments, attended a confirmation party, picked up a room of free furniture an hour away and baked 100 cupcakes.  I need a nap!!

I have to say, the taping went phenomenal and I can’t wait to share it with you!!  The team who came over (it’s a husband and wife team) were amazing.  I’m just hoping I don’t see the footage and not want to share it with you because I look like a dork 🙂  Honestly, I was pretty amazed by all the equipment they brought (three separate cameras) along with lighting and microphones.

Over the next couple of weeks they’re going to edit the video and send it over to me.  They also took some “behind the scenes” photos so I can share with you what it was like taping.

One of the things that I was stressing about this last week was writing scripts for the segments (which I did).  The funny thing is I ended up not using the scripts.  We decided to wing it and I think it was OK.  The whole point about Wonder Woman I’m Not is I’m not perfect.  I’m not polished.  I’m an ordinary woman who has found a few tips that help make life a little smoother and that’s what you’re going to see.

With that being said, I really don’t have a whole lot of time to get some stuff done this week.  However, I have a couple of small things that MUST be accomplished this week so I’m going to put them here.  Laugh if you must but if I don’t get these things done it ain’t going to be pretty!

  • Post 3 times
  • Get video taping equipment and pass together so my sister-in-law can tape Belle’s full costume rehearsal (taping the night of the recital is not allowed and I’ll still be out of town).
  • Decide what I’m going to wear for the wedding and have it ready to go (I’ll have about 5 minutes once I get home to change and leave for the wedding assuming my flights are on time!
  • Pack for my trip

That’s about it for me – what are you hoping to get done this week?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Menu and Goals

  1. Wow you really had a busy week last week. It made me tired just reading it. 🙂 I hope this week goes well for you and you have a little more down time in your week.

  2. How cool that you were able to get the videoing done! Are you planning on using that info on your blog?

    I am giving away a book on my blog this week. Wonder Woman Wannabe. Makes me think of you! You will have to come over and enter.

    Hope you find some time to relax this week!

    • Lydia – yes, the plan is to use them on the blog as a post. I did four recipes and a review. I’ll write the posts and include the videos, that is assuming I don’t look like a total dork on them 🙂