Weekly Menu & Goals

How in the world did we already get to the middle of June?  I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by.  Unfortunately it flew by this last week without a lot getting done at our house.

My migraines have been under control for the most part for the last few months.  Unfortunately I had one this past weekend that left me pretty much in bed for most of the it.  My plans of getting a bunch of writing and other stuff done, completely down the drain.

Oh well, it’s a new week and so we move forward.

Weekly Menu

We did get a new grill picked up for Mike for Father’s Day.  Michael and his friend took care of getting it put together for me.  In exchange, Michael took our old grill back to his house.  The burners were completely shot but they were able to fix it up and Michael is quite thrilled with it.  Of course he also needed one of our propane tanks as well.  Gotta love kids!  I did appreciate his help with the grill and I’m happy that our old grill is getting a second life and is making him happy.

I’m planning on laying a little low this week and will be keeping our menu relatively simple as well.

Peach Gorgonzola Pizza


Peach Gorgonzola Pizza

Cobb Salad


Modified Cobb Salad

Brats on the Grill


Brats (gotta try out the new grill!)

Baked Haddock - WWIN


Haddock (I’m going to try wrapping it in tin foil and cooking it on the grill this week)

Tomato and Black Beans_WWIN

Tomato & Black Bean Salad 

Weekly Goals

I told you last week that I was going to keep my goals fairly simple, even doing that I wasn’t able to accomplish them.  Weeks like last week (when I don’t get anything done) make me feel bad about myself.  I hate not getting anything accomplished around the house.  I hate being “lazy” and spending the weekend in bed.

On the flip side, yesterday is in the past and I have to keep moving forward.  I have to do what I can to alleviate the migraine triggers and stay healthy so I don’t spend next weekend in bed.e’s what I was planning on getting done last week.

  •  Post three times
  • Finish paper for school
  • Get Chick Chat This and That back up
  • Participate in growing your business through Pinterest webinar
  • Get dryer fixed – The dryer is getting fixed this week

I really hate weeks like that but sometimes it just happens.  With the exception class on Tuesday I don’t have anything planned for the week and I’m hoping to keep it that way!

  • Here’s my goals for the week
  • Post three times
  • Finish test for school
  • Finish moving Chick Chat over to our new hosting company
  • Watch the Pinterest webinar I missed last week
  • Get our dryer fixed

Wow – does anyone else feel that deja vu?

I’m feeling optimistic about this upcoming week and hope you are too!


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Menu & Goals

  1. Sorry to hear about your migraines. I’m a chronic pain sufferer so I totally understand what it’s like to have plans that have to be put aside for awhile.

    Happy Menu Plan Monday!

    • Got any tips that make yours better? I hate taking medicine so I try to limit my intake although I will take an Excedrin/ibuprofen mix. I’ve also found that a mixture of lavender and peppermint help take the edge off. Thanks for stopping by.