Weekly Menu & Goals

Dad came shopping with us to help carry the packages!

Dad came shopping with us to help carry the packages!

Happy Labor Day!  It’s been a rainy day here, kinda of blew our plans for the last family cook-out of the year.  That’s OK, we sent grandpa out in the rain to cook and then ate off paper plates in the dining room.  Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches!

Last week was a hodge-podge of stuff.  I went to Chicago for a day, stayed home one day with a summer cold, Started Belle’s school shopping (the picture above is some of the loot she scored) and made my mom a birthday dinner of barbecueribs.  I changed up my menu a little bit from what I originally planned!

Yesterday Mike and I spent some time on the bike.  It was suppose to be a gorgeous day but someone forgot to tell the sky that.  It was a little cold and overcast.  We made the best of it though and had a nice time.  When we got home we put steaks on the grill – and then we ran out of propane.  Yikes!  We ran down to Walgreens to exchange our tank but I do have to admit those were not the best steaks I’ve ever made 🙁

Mike is traveling this week and Belle is back in school tomorrow so we’re keeping the menu pretty simple.  Here’s what we’re having.

Weekly Menu

Steak on the Grill

Steaks on the grill, Texas toast, corn

Bratstomato and black bean saladroasted potatoes

Grilled  Chicken (I’ll be cooking up an extra for the pizza I have planned)

Hawaiian Pizza - Slice_CCTNT

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

We’ll also be eating out once or twice and doing a fend for yourself.

Are you planning anything fun at your house?

Weekly Goals

As I said, last week was pretty busy and I wasn’t feeling the best.  I did make some progress on my goals but not a whole heck of a lot.  Here’s what I had planned to do:

Pre-schedule two – three weeks over posts over at Chick Chat This and That Write and post three times here – I did get two posts scheduled over at CCTNT but I didn’t do so hot over here.  I’ve been struggling to stay in my groove.  Hopefully now that school is back in session and we’ll be settling down into a more regular routine I’ve find my writing groove again.

Sew one new slip cover for couch (I have some left-over material from last time that I’m going to use) – Our couch cushions are in such bad shape I decided to make all new ones.  Yes, I did recently order some but since our current ones are ripped so bad I can’t wait another 8 weeks.  Trust me, one can never have to many slip covers!  I’m about 1/3 of the way done with four cushions (three for the couch and one for the basement chair)

Finish up my last on-line class – I finished and am taking a short break

Swim twice this week before week – Didn’t swim at all  🙁

 I’m hoping that I’ll have some free time this coming week and won’t be feeling as lazy as I have been the last couple of weeks  No trips to Chicago this week!

  • Here’s what I’m planning on getting done.
  • Write three times here
  • Work on the slip covers
  • Help Belle go through her clothes and figure out what she still needs (we picked up a few things already but will probably need to get her at least a couple more tops)

That’s it for me.  What are your goals for the week?

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