Weekly Menu & Goals

Wow – was the weather beautiful in Wisconsin this weekend!  Mike was off so we spent the whole weekend playing.  Play weekends are productive but I think very important for the well-being of your marriage and your own inner peace.

We started the weekend with a long ride to Kettle Moraine Park on the bike.  The peak colors must have been about a week or so ago but it was still gorgeous.

Motorcycle ride

We stopped to stretch our legs at a beautiful cemetary and got bratburgers at The Hamburger Haus.  Last time we were there I got a hot dog which I didn’t enjoy very much.  This time Mike made me get the bratburger with everything on it – heaven!


Sunday we did do some grocery shopping (reality set in a bit) followed by a trip to the local apple orchard with Belle for a trip through the corn maze, huge caramel apples and an apple pie.  The whole weekend was super relaxing and a lot of fun.

Mike and Belle

Of course, we’re back to real life this week.

Weekly Menu

Last week we did a great job on sticking to the menu, Mike and I kept our eating out to a minimum.  The only time Mike and I ate out was at The Hamburger Haus on our ride and breakfast out Sunday morning.  I did have a work dinner on Thursday (paid for by work) and treated Belle to dinner at our favorite Italian place after Homecoming dress shopping.  Saturday instead of going out for breakfast with my parents they came over to our house where I cooked a quiche, apple cake and bacon served with fresh fruit.

We made a few tweaks to our menu this week.  I was planning on making Meaty Chili for Mike but he decided since he was the only one who would be eating the chili he’d prefer to have meatloaf.  Pizza was also added late to the game.  Mike hasn’t had a pizza in years because he doesn’t like to eat white flour.  I decided to try a gluten free pizza crust and he loved it.  We’ll definitely be having more pizza on our menu this winter.

Here’s what we are planning for the week

Hawaiin Pizza - Slice

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza

Brats on the Grill

Brats on the grill

White Chicken Chili with Beer Bread (I’ll be taking this for lunch during the week)


Chick Meeting

Dinner at my parents

Dinner out with friends

That’s it for us – what’s on your menu?

Weekly Goals

Here were my goals for the week

  • Bring leftovers for lunch 2 times (I usually buy my lunch, I want to start cutting  back a little bit
  • Eliminate caffeine (I’ve backslid a bit although I’m still not drinking as much as I use to.  I haven’t been sleeping well and am wondering if this is part of the problem)
  • Go through coats and shoes
  • Visit and comment on 2 – 3 new blogs
  • Participate in 2 new link parties
  • Post two more times 

As you can see, I wasn’t overly successful with all my goals.  Part of the reason was due to some unexpected happenings during the week.  Belle and I spent Monday night shopping.  I ended up shopping Wednesday for some clothes that I need for a business trip I’m taking next week and I had a customer come to town so I entertained them one night.  Three evening taken up with various stuff puts a bit of a crimp in your plans.

One thing I did take care of though is my refrigerator and freezer.  I cleaned out and organized both of them which ended up saving me money.  While we were shopping Mike said “I’ll be right back – I need to buy frozen fruit”.  I, of course, asked him what he was going to pick up.  When he told me strawberries I bust out laughing.  I had found three – yes three – packages of frozen strawberries buried in the freezer.  Needless to say we didn’t buy the strawberries.

Here’s what I’m planning on doing this week

  • Cut back on my caffeine
  • Go through coats and shoes
  • Organize linen closet
  • Visit and comment on 2-3 new blogs
  • Participate in 2 new link parties
  • Post two more times
  • Catch up on my Platform University podcasts (I’ve been slacking a bit in that area)

I’ll be linking up at I’m an Organizing Junkie and Money Saving Mom

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