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Who’s ready for another week?  I ended up not posting my weekly menu last week since I was out of town all week.  I did do a bit of cooking for Mike but even he went off the menu and ate out a couple of time.  I of course ate out every night! I was in Vegas for the week on business.  While I’d love to say that I was totally wild and did all sorts of crazy stuff, I’d be lying.  My big excitement for the week was treating myself to a 30 minute massage with the $50 I won playing video poker.  While we didn’t get wild, we did gamble a wee bit (I’m not much of a gambler) and enjoyed some awesome meals. During my down time I tried writing a few posts to update you on the restaurants I ate at but had such terrible internet service I wasn’t able to get anything up.  The lack of internet service was very frustrating while I was trying to get some of my regular work done.  Ugh! When I got back Saturday night I was really looking forward to some home cooked meals.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen until Sunday night.  I was so exhausted I ended up ordering Dominoes for dinner ( I love their artisan pizza and Mike enjoys their chicken bites while Belle is in love with their pasta – a little something for everyone!)  On Sunday Mike wanted to go out for breakfast, since I hadn’t seen him in almost a week I didn’t have the heart to say no.  Finally on Sunday night I got my home-cooked meal, although it was pretty simple.  We invited my parents over for dinner and had brats and hamburgers on the grill.  Probably won’t have to many nights when we’ll be able to do that, at least without freezing to death! This week I’m definitely looking forward to eating at home, I’ve had enough eating out to last a while! Weekly Menu Brats on the Grill Brats and Hamburgers on the grill, mashed potatoes, broccoli, homemade apple pie ala mode drizzled in caramel sauce – yum! Baked Chicken - WWIN Baked Chicken, grilled corn (we found this in the frozen food section and thought we’d give it a try), stuffing and garlic bread Spaghetti & Meatballs_WWIN Spaghetti & Meatballs, strawberry salad,  glazed carrots, Pulled Pork_WWIN   Pulled Pork – we’re having a Halloween party at work and I’m bringing this as my donation to the festivities.  Can’t wait! Left0vers & fend for yourself will make up the balance of the week. What are you planning on serving this week?  Weekly Goals As I’ve been such a dismal failure on my weekly goals, how about we forget what I said I would accomplish and focus on what I did accomplish.   Umm, let’s see.  What would that be.  OK – not much of anything!  I did prepare to be gone for five days on a business trip, that takes a lot of work. One thing that I did spend a lot of time working on in my wardrobe.  I have a love hate relationship with clothes.  I love clothes that fit well and look good on, I hate shopping for them and managing them.  Since I’ve started this simplifying journey, one of the areas that I’ve focused on simplifying if my clothes.  Most of the people in my life (including my husband) feel that I’ve taken this to the extreme.  I probably have the only husband in the world who encourages me to go out and spend money on my clothing.  He thinks that I should be buying something new every month to augment to wardrobe.  I, of course, think he’s crazy. Since I did need a few things for the trip (my dress pants were pretty much wearing out and I only had heels, since I couldn’t do three days of a trade show in heels I decided to buy some flats) I have appeased him by adding a few items to my wardrobe.  However, he is not going to be deterred in his quest to get me to buy new clothes. Given that my birthday is coming up, he has announced that this weekend will be a shopping weekend.  He is planning on dragging me to the mall and making me buy some clothes.  Ugh – I thought he loved me!  Knowing that I will be required to buy new clothes I am spending this week going through my current clothes and getting rid of what I don’t absolutely love.  If I have to buy a few new things I want to make sure that I know which pieces I truly need.

  • Sort through my wardrobe, identify pieces I’d like to add and go shopping
  • Pick up a pilates machine that is being given to me (I really need to find some exercises that I love!)
  • Make up a few batched of my homemade applesauce (I bought a whole lotta apples a few weeks ago and have got to get this done!)
  • Add some new reviews of my recent trip to Tripadvisor
  • Post two time here.
  • Finish my Halloween costume (I’m planning on going as Mrs. Roper)

If I can get all this done I’ll feel pretty good about myself! What are you hoping to accomplish this week? I’ll be linking up at I’m an Organizing Junkie and Money Saving Mom

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