Weekly Menu & Goals

I hope everyone had a nice New Year!  Our New Year’s Eve was a little quieter this year as one of the friends that we go out with caught the flu that Mike had over Christmas.  After spending some time at his sister’s house, Mike and I ended up going home and ringing in the New Year by sleeping.

Now that the celebrations are over, it’s back to reality.  I’ve gotten off to a pretty good start this year as far as accomplishing stuff I would like to get done but there’s so much to do!

Weekly Menu

This is a pretty quiet week for me, Mike works most nights and Belle’s busy schedule is starting back up so I’m not doing a whole lot of cooking.  I thought this might be a fun week to try some new recipes.

Since we were all together on Sunday, I cooked up a big turkey dinner – it was delicious!  Fortunately we have lots of left overs so Mike is well set.


Turkey, stuffing, cranberry relish, applesauce, strawberry salad, rosemary garlic mashed potatoes – all our favorites!

Macadamia nut encrusted tilapia (I have some in the freezer I’d like to use up)

Warm pear salad (this is my favorite fall salad at a local restaurant, since it’s not currently available I decided to try making it myself!)

Leftovers/fend for yourself

Weekly Goals

This past week I got a lot done, although it wasn’t necessarily everything on my list.  We worked on my new closet organizer and that ended up taking A LOT longer than we expected.

Closet Organizer_Done

By the time we were finished the house looked like a cyclone went through it.  I couldn’t believe the mess the project made!  The house is almost back to normal, I just have to finish shoveling cleaning out the office where I stored some of the stuff from my closet.

Here was last week’s list

  • Clean out the freezer
  • Hem Mike’s pants  Mike was happy I did this one!
  • Clean out the pantry
  • Take down the Christmas decorations – The upstairs is completely Christmas free  which is more than half the battle, but the family room looks like Christmas vomited down there.  I still have the front porch to dismantle as well as the family room Christmas tree.  
  • Clean the laundry room
  • Take some clothes to the cleaners
  • Drop off a load at Goodwill
  • Empty my closet (my parents bought the closet organizer I’ve been wanting for me and I need to get the closet ready for it’s install!)
  • Buy a frame and hang Belle’s last senior pictures
  • Find a solution to my jewelry organization (I want to do something in the closet – I’m just not sure what yet)
  • Write and schedule some posts for both here and Chick Chat This and That – 

This week’s projects are pretty big so I’m keeping the scope pretty limited, the office and Christmas decorations.

  • Clean out the office
  • Remove porch decorations
  • Take down family room Christmas tree
  • Put all holiday decoration in the holiday closet

If I can get these four things done, I’ll be pretty happy because the house will be completely back to normal!

That’s it for me, what’s your plan for the week?

I’ll be linking up at I’m an Organizing Junkie and Money Saving Mom

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Menu & Goals

    • Suzanne – thanks for stopping by! Having the list in writing certainly does help keep me on track, hope it helps you too.

  1. I am so impressed with all you got done! I did get a bit of organizing done over the holidays, but mostly I was as lazy as possible. I needed that relaxation, ;).

    • Susan – it’s good to hear from you! It felt good getting as much done as I did, especially because I’ve been so lazy! I think a lot of us under estimate the need to relax and rejuvenate. I’m glad to hear that you were successful in doing that! I’m glad to see you’re posting again, good luck with your 2015 goals.

      • I have a tendency to keep going until I just can’t anymore, and then I am just a slug for awhile. I figured if I combined a bit of work with way more relaxing than I normally do, I would stave off the crash. I think I did a pretty good job, although there is a part of me that wishes I had gotten more done while I was off work.

        • It doesn’t matter how much we get done, it will never be enough! Life is short, we need to learn to enjoy it. Relaxing is a great start 🙂

    • I’m still perfecting it but I basically used a spinach base and topped it with warm pear sauce (I used my homemade applesauce to make the pear sauce). I topped with a chicken breast, feta cheese, candied pecans and then drizzled with a cinnamon pear vinegar. It was good but I want to play around with the cheese and the dressing a bit.