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weekly menu planning

Whew, is anyone else going crazy?  I’m sure you are, the holiday season is always so very busy and weekly menu planning sometimes falls by the wayside.  Even though I’ve been doing things over the years to eliminate some of the stressors there is just so much to do!

Things have been a bit stressful around here which causes me to shut down a bit.  I’ve found that when I start feeling overwhelmed I become laser focused on the finish line and start ignoring things around me.  You probably notice I post a bit less here and I quite frequently forget to stop and just enjoy the ride.

We are experiencing our usual end of year financial crush here.  Every year I think I’m ahead of the game and yet something always blind sides me.  every.  single.  year.  For some reason it tends to be Belle that is the cause of our financial angst!  Maybe we should vote her off the island 🙂  Just kidding!  We’ll keep her but I don’t think I’ll be overly sad when she’s on her own dime and not ours!

This week we found out that her brakes were bad.  Really, really bad.  Based on what the mechanic said, the grinding must have been going on for quite a while – but she never heard it, honestly mama!  $800 later she has new brakes and calipers.  Oh yeah, her tires have their cords showing so that’s another few hundred dollars for four new tires (we knew that she needed new tires and told her we’d buy her new tires for her birthday so that wasn’t unexpected although still not fun)  The $1,500 scholarship she was awarded by McDonald’s and the local newspaper was messed up (internal glitch at the newspaper) so I had to write a check for $1,500 to cover her tuition so that she could register for next semester classes.  $2,500 of unexpected expenses at Christmas time is really quite the bummer!  Especially when it was preceded by a car accident that totaled my car resulting in a new car payment and a vacation that pretty much emptied our coffers.  When it rains it pours!

However, both Mike and I are choosing to remain positive and be grateful for everything that we do have.  A good friend of mine is battling breast cancer.  It’s hard to be anything but grateful when you are surrounded by a healthy family, have a roof over your head and plentiful food on the table.

On another positive note, I finally broke my two month headache.  I have no idea what finally caused it to go away but it did and I’m just going to enjoy a few pain free days.  It is definitely lurking back there somewhere but I’m hopeful I’ll get through the holidays without it’s recurrence.  2016 is going to be the year I solve the headache issues!

Last week and this week is mostly taken up with holiday parties and get-togethers.  The Chicks and I totally splurged on the most decadent dinner last week.  We put money in a kitty every month and then use that money to splurge on a get together or a weekend away.  This year we went to a swanky restaurant here in town that I’ve been dying to try and ended up spending $100 per person on food and drink.  Yikes!  If I would have had to fork that money over myself I’d have found it hard to enjoy the dinner!  Here are some pictures of our food – it was so delicious! The night was exactly what we needed.

New York Strip





Weekly Menu

Last week I didn’t do very well with weekly menu planning and ended up buying a Plated.com box.  With my long-lasting headache, I had put a hiatus on receiving the boxes because I was to the point where I really couldn’t bring myself to try a bunch of new meals.  I fell back to our stand-by’s that I could pull out of the freezer or make easily.  We ended up trying a Beef Korean Bowl which was delicious, Mike asked that it be added onto my “make again” list.

This week we have another box coming which really is making my weekly menu planning easy!  Between the box and the outings we have planned I’m not planning on any other meals except for fend for yourself for those of us who may be home.

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:


Roasted Cod Tacos with Butternut Squash and Cabbage Slaw

Beef Bibimbap with Sauteed Mushrooms and Spinach

Sheet Pan Roasted Chicken Meatballs with Chinese Broccoli and Peanut Sauce


Frittatas for breakfast

Mike has also been making himself egg salad sandwiches and chicken caesar salad.  I haven’t shared my homemade caesar salad recipe yet but I will tell you that I cook up the chicken once a week using my baked chicken recipe only using boneless, skinless breast instead of the bone in breast that I usually use.  Once cooled I chop it up into bite sized pieces and stick in the fridge.

Dinner out 3X (two with friends/family and one work party)

That’s it for me, what’s your meal plan this week?

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