How Much is too Much Stuff?

How much is too much stuff?  Here is in the United States we tend to have a problem with buying items, lots of items.  Every time I see the Ebates commercial I want to throw up a bit.  Yes, I use Ebates, and I think it’s a good program, after all, if you are buying something you need why not get a small rebate in return.   If you haven’t joined and wanted to, you can use my referral code, and we’ll both get a little something.  My problem with the commercial is that when those people are bragging about how much money they got back all I can think of is how much money they had to spend that get that rebate.

too much stuff

I have been off of work for the last couple of weeks recuperating from surgery, and I have a few more weeks to go.  Since I haven’t had this much time off since Belle was born, I made a list of projects to work on around the house that would keep me busy but not be too much for me.  This week I tackled Mike’s clothes and the front closet.
Not to throw my husband under the bus or anything, but this guy had over 70 t-shirts.  Yes, you read that right.  70 t-shirts which is too much stuff!  That’s not including his non t-shirt shirts and uniforms.  We won’t even go into how many pairs of shoes Belle has.  That basketful above (and those are only her shoes) isn’t all of them, only the ones in the front closet.  She has probably close to a second basketful of shoes in her room.
Needless to say, Mike no longer has that many t-shirts and he willingly even dug deeper into his closet to get rid of stuff that wasn’t on my radar yet.  Belle is bucking me a bit on the shoes.  While I’d love for her to thin down her shoes, my primary goal is to get the front closet organized.  If she wants to keep a ton of shoes in her room, that’s up to her.  She will only be allowed to keep a few of them in the front closet.

If you aren’t quite ready to purge your too much stuff yet, let me give you some reasons to jump on.  Here are three reasons to cut back on the stuff you buy and have in your house.  I could have come up with a lot more, but I think these are three good ones.
1.  Money, money, money – I got a little sick to my stomach when I thought about how much money was probably sitting in that basket that was in the picture I posted above.  When we buy more than we truly need, we’re just wasting money.
2.  Clutter – The more items that we have in the house, the harder it is to corral it.  On top of that, we probably need to spend, you guessed it, money to organize the stuff we have. By keeping the items in our house to a minimum, it will be easier for the house to stay clean and organized.
3.  Decision fatigue – trust me, it’s real.  The more decisions we have to make, the more our decision quality deteriorates.  The more options we have in regards to clothing, shoes, etc., the more decisions we have to make.  Less stuff equals less decision fatigue.  Lessening the amount of clothes and shoes that we have will have less decision fatigue.
Have you decided that enough is enough and you want to get rid of your too much stuff?  Here are a few tips to help you get started.
1.  Start with small projects that aren’t going to take a lot of time – It never fails, we are so gung ho when we start, and then we get tired and fizzle out.  By starting small, you’ll be able to finish the project and feel good about yourself.  If you are working on a long-term project, consider a particular area where you work in progress isn’t going to create stress for you.
2.  Identify your staging area and pull all the items in – Mike has two areas where he keeps his clothes.  When I decided to start on Mike’s t-shirts I had Belle carry everything into the living room so that we ensured we had everything.  Decisions on what to get rid of are easier when you see the full extent of what you have.  For longer term projects, consider an available room or area of your house as your staging area.  I have a long-term project I’m working on to purge the storage room in our basement.  Since I’m planning on this being a long-term project (as in months) to complete, I am using the unfurnished room next door to hold items I’m sorting.
3.  If it makes sense, organize what you are going through – Once I had all the t-shirts in my staging area, I folded and arranged them in piles before Mike got home to sort through them.
4.  Have bags, boxes or whatever ready so that you can pack up what you want to purge.  Make this process as simple as you can and try to touch the objects as few times as possible.
5.  As you are packing the purged items, make sure to write down what you are getting rid of somewhere so that you can deduct them on your taxes.  I like Its Deductible although I usually write it down in a notebook first since that’s easier for me.
6.  Get that stuff out of your house as soon as possible!  No use tempting someone from sneaking it back out.
Have you purged anything lately to get rid of the too much stuff you have going on? I’d love to hear about it, feel free to share in the comments.


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