DIY Napkin Rings – Easy and Inexpensive to Make

DIY napkin rings are an inexpensive way to add a little bit of class to dinner.  Back when the kids were home and I was trying to make dinner an “event”, one of the things that I did was to make sure that we were using cloth napkins.  I know, in this day and age of throw away stuff, cloth napkins seem to be weird.  But, I gotta tell you, I really like using them.  They lend a bit of elegance to a casual meal and they feel so much better than paper napkins.

DIY Napkin Rings

Alas, I do also have to admit that since it’s usually just Mike and I eating we tend to have dinner at the kitchen counter and I usually grab some paper towels as napkins.  However, I still like to pull out the cloth napkins on occasion and when I do, I’m ready with some kick butt napkin rings!

Just so you don’t think I’m super fancy, I do have to admit that most of the time my cloth napkins are not ironed.  However, what kind of post would this be if I showed you a picture with a wrinkled napkin thrown haphazardly on the plate?

Napkin rings can get pretty expensive.  A few years ago I bought some new ones at Christmas time that were originally about $8 per ring.  Due to the fact that is was Christmas Eve (yeah – I was a little behind) I got them on clearance so I think I paid about $2 per ring.  Since I like to keep a variety of different rings on hand to match my different napkins, I decided to make some myself but I wasn’t quite sure where to start.

One day while I was wandering around Hobby Lobby (if I ever go missing you may want to start looking there), I stumbled upon these flower picks that I fell in love with.  Bonus points for the fact that they matched my favorite napkins!  Full price these picks were running about $2.99 (not an affiliate link). Red SunflowerSince Hobby Lobby runs quite a few sales I’m sure they could be picked up for half price if you were diligent in your sale search.  Just make sure your flower picks have a bendable stem.  Of course, if you like thrift shopping you can probably find flower picks for your diy napkin rings even cheaper!

DIY Napkin Rings

To turn this into a napkin ring, straighten out the back pick.  The picks are usually used for flower arranging which means the pick bends down.  When you lay the flower face down on the table, you want the pick to be sticking up straight in the air.

Next, find a round object that is the approximate size of what you’d like your ring to be.  I found that my cinnamon container was perfect!  Gently curl the wire around the container.  You will want to wrap it to the side.  You’ll have to play with the wire a little bit to get it perfect.  I slightly flattened the bottom so that it wouldn’t wobble when set on the plate.

That’s it – how easy was that?  Of course, now comes the hard part, making your napkin look perfect in the ring!

Start with a freshly ironed napkin.  Ironing napkins is an excellent way for kids to learn the art of ironing.  Just saying!

Pinch the center of the napkin and let the rest of the napkin point down

Slip napkin ring over the pinched end of the napkin and slide halfway up

You now have a custom napkin ring that will beautify your table setting.  Your family will think you slaved over the setting, it will be our secret how easy it was!

Napking Ring - Finished WWIN

Do you have any ideas for homemade napkin rings?

This post was originally published in 2013 but has been updated.



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