Weekly Menu

weekly menu planning

What a beautiful weekend!  Yesterday a friend came over and we sat outside all afternoon.  Heaven!  I wish we could say spring has arrived but I’m sure we’ll be getting more cold weather before it makes its final appearance.

Only three more weeks before I need to go back to work.  I really thought I’d get more writing done, I’ve pretty much done very little.  On the plus side, I’ve been killing my to-do list.  My house is going to be so organized when I go back!  It feels so good to get these small organizing projects done.

The plan for this week is to try and wrap up the main floor projects so that I can start on the “beast” that I call the storage room.  A few years ago I organized it, but just like with everything else it tends to get out of control.  Right now it is amazing how out of control it is.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to get it complete before my leave is over but I’d at least like to make a good dent.

I’m feeling pretty good overall, just continue to get tired.  I’ve learned that I have about 3 – 4 hours in me before I wilt and need to call it quits.  Knowing that helps me plan my days, especially when I have something I need to do.

Weekly Menu

Steak on the Grill

Steaks – Last week Belle ended up putting all my meat in the freezer when she helped unload groceries.  I didn’t discover this until I was getting the steaks out to warm up to room temperature which resulted in a last minute sprint to the grocery store for fresh ones.  On the plus side, Mike and I will be having steaks for the next couple of weeks 🙂

Source:  Plated.com

Source: Plated.com

Beef Noodle Bowls – This was the one meal from last week I didn’t have a chance to make.  Since we have all the ingredients, I’m just rolling it over to this week.

Chicken Parm

Chicken Parm

Thai Peanut Chicken Curry

Thai Peanut Chicken Curry

Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken/BBQ Chicken – To freshen things up, I’ve been doing half the chicken the traditional way and half the chicken with BBQ.  It’s so easy and it keeps everyone in the house happy!

Mike and I also have a lunch date with Michael and I will have dinner out with friends at least once (bringing leftovers home for Mike)

That’s it for us, what’s on your menu for the week?

I’ll be linking up at I’m an Organizing Junkie.


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