Grilled Pineapple – A sweet and healthy summertime side dish

During the summer, we make grilled pineapple so often that I don’t even think about the “recipe”.  I don’t usually even bother to put it up on my weekly menu because it’s just one of those sides that I guess I assume every makes.  Until, that is, I was talking to a group and friends and they looked at me like I had sprouted a second head.  I guess not everyone serves grilled pineapple almost weekly!

grilled pineapple


Since I knew I had shared how to grill a pineapple before, I figured that I would just pull it up and share it in my weekly menu.  That is until I took a look at what I originally posted and decided it needed quite a bit of updating.  Let’s just say that my picture taking skills and sharing skills have greatly improved since 2012, which is when I originally posted it.  Below is an updated version with pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂

We were off this week and grilling quite a bit, so even though we had already had grilled pineapple once this week, I decided to do it again so that I could take some pictures.  Given how much we like grilled pineapple, there were no complaints from my family!

Picking a ripe pineapple for grilled pineapple

Picking a ripe pineapple is key to a good grilling.  You’ll want a fresh pineapple that is firm with gold to brown skin.  The leaves should not be brown or wilted (if the leaves are brown and wilted it means that the pineapple is over ripe and starting to rot inside)  The outside of the pineapple should smell like pineapple if you give it a whiff.
Before we begin, you’ll want to heat up the grill on high so that it will be ready for you.

Cutting the pineapple

The first step is easily cutting a pineapple is to start with a sharp knife.  Late last year I decided to replace my old knife set with this Chicago Cutlery set (affiliate link).  I LOVE these knives and can’t believe how easily they slice through whatever I’m cutting.

Once you have your knife, you’ll want to cut about 1/2 inch from the top and the bottom

Both ends cut off

Turn your pineapple right side up and make you first cut behind the “eye at the top of the pineapple.  Continue slicing downward behind the eyes all the way around the pineapple, taking care not to slice off to much fruit.

Cutting behind the eye

One you have the side off the pineapple (you can fish out any eyes that are left with the top edge of a vegetable peeler if you’d like), turn the pineapple on its side and cut into about 1/2 inch thick slices.  You’ll notice that I leave the core in the slices.  Once you have it cut, poke the core a few times with the knife. This helps to soften it up so that you can eat the core once it’s done grilling. Trust me, it’s tastes good!

Cut Pineapple

Once you’re ready to start grilling, turn the grill down to medium high heat.  Place the pineapple directly on the grill for about 3 – 5 minutes.  Flip and grill on the other side for an additional 3 – 4 minutes.


Pineapple on the Grill

There you have it.  An easy, delicious AND healthy side dish for your family.  Who can ask for more?


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13 thoughts on “Grilled Pineapple – A sweet and healthy summertime side dish

  1. That sounds delicious! We are already fans of pineapples, but we’ve never tried them grilled, only raw. I always thought pineapple is not mixable with anything, but when I accidentally had a bite from a pineapple pizza, it definitely changed my mind. That fruit can fit everything, apparently.