Spa Water – How I drink almost 100 oz of water a day


At the beginning of the year, I declared this year to be “The Year of Me”.  The year when I would start feeling good and taking care of myself.  A full year dedicated to me.  Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Reality is that it has been a lot of work.  However, feeling better has been wonderful and makes me push to continue to feel even better.  One of the items that is helping me feel better?  Spa Water.


Spa Water

One of the items on my task list was to drink more water, which has been a problem for me.  I have a confession to make, I hate water.  Even as a baby and small child, my mom couldn’t get me to drink water.  Although as an adult I would sometimes stomach bottled water, drinking water straight from the tap is something that I just couldn’t (and still can’t) do.  Needless to say, not liking water has made it difficult for me as an adult to break some of my bad habits (namely sugared drinks) and actually drink the amount of water I should be drinking.

One type of water that I do like is flavored water.   Not the kind that you buy in a bottle, the kind you get in a nice hotel.  You know, you walk into the lobby from a long day of travel and they have a large pitcher of ice cold, flavored water there for you.  Ah, that always makes my day!  Knowing how much I like the flavored hotel water, I decided to add my own pitcher of “spa water” into my daily routine so that I could enjoy what I was drinking instead of torturing myself and trying to endure water.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t liking what you’re drinking you aren’t going to be able to keep it up.

Practicing Daily Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness.  As a society we talk about them a lot but how often do we put them into practice.  If you truly think about it, it’s amazing when you think about the impact our actions can have on strangers.  Unfortunately I fall into the group that doesn’t practice them enough.

Random Acts of Kindness don’t need to be large and extravagant.  They can be small acts that bring a smile to someone’s face and lightens their load a bit.

I think there’s a couple of reasons they they don’t always get practiced.  The first for me is I’m sometimes so busy running around living my life that I don’t always take the time to look for opportunities.  The second is sometimes I’m afraid they’ll think I’m a nut.  How many times have you thought “I should offer to help” but for some reason or another don’t?

Earlier this week at lunch I ran to a local grocery story to pick up some sushi.  As I was checking out, an elderly lady with a cane pushed her cart into the empty line behind my checker and said “I’m just leaving this here for a minute.  I forgot my purse in the car and have to go out and get it.”

The lady started walking towards the door as I finished up my transaction and was leaving.  I notice how slow she was walking and thought about the long walk she had to her car and back followed by the trip through the grocery store.  Thoughts of the times when my back was killing me and how extra steps were torture made me start feeling bad for her.  I considered asking her if she wanted me to run out to her car and get her purse for her but I stopped.  Would this woman really trust me with her car keys and purse?  Would she think I was a nut for even offering?  Would she think that I thought she was incapable and be insulted?

One Way I Deal With Chronic Pain


Anyone who is a regular visitor here has heard me mention my back going out.  While I typically only mention it when it’s quite bad and affecting my ability to do things, I do have a chronic condition that I’ve had to learn to manage over the years.

Quite a number of years ago (at least 10) I slung a 50 lb bag of dog food onto my shoulder while wearing stiletto heels and bending over my trunk.  Although I didn’t feel the pain instantly, it turns out I broke off one of my discs causing it to push against my nerves resulting in a significant injury.  Later that day I was in so much pain I wasn’t able to walk, I ended up missing over a week of work due to the injury.  It was probably a good month or two before I felt good.

Throughout the years I have aggravated it to the point where I’d be completely unable to function.  Fortunately the severe recurrences (I classify severe as needing to see the doctor) were happening less than once a year so the surgeon that I consulted with recommended that I find ways to mitigate the flair ups instead of opting for surgery.

How We’re Eating More Fruit

Fruit Bowl_WWIN

Understanding what motivates you or holds you back is important when you are looking to make changes in your life.  I seem to be on a perpetual quest to eat better.  Some months I do well while other months, well let’s just say not so well.

One of my big hang-ups is lack of planning.  I’m a bit of a fly by the seat of the pants gal, so I need things easy.  Grab and go is my mantra.  Having things in my own kitchen that I can grab and go is essential from keeping me do a grab and go at a drive through.

The other issue that I have working against me is that there is so much information trapped in my head that if something isn’t visual I may not remember it.  For example, I’m really good about buying fruit that I can quickly grab while on my way out the door.  The problem is I tend to forget that I bought the fruit!