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Earlier this year I published 12 Decorating/Organizing Project for 2012 where I shared some of my problem areas with you that I planned to tackle in 2012.  One of those areas was the corner cabinet in my kitchen.  Hopefully I’m not the only one who has a problem cabinet.  Overall, all the cabinets in my kitchen are pretty well organized except for that darn corner cabinet.  At least it was until I tackled it for my organization project!

The issue with this cabinet is that it’s the catch-all for our storage containers.  I have an eclectic mix of Tupperare, Gladware, take-out containers (my husband likes them for fend for yourself night, don’t ask me why), measuring cups, water bottles.  Need I go on?

The eclectic nature of the items make for some difficulties.

  • The kids don’t do a very good job of putting items away
  • Due to the first item, opening the door is hazardous to your health (i.e. items fall out and hit you in the head)
  • The item you are looking for is never readily available.
  • Available lids never seemed to match the available containers

Let me tell you, I have organized this cabinet more times than I can count.  I clean it out, organize it only to have it become a disaster again.  Yes, I can yell at everyone to make sure they are stacking things appropriately but sometimes it’s just not worth it.

What I decided to do was to solve the root cause by getting rid of the problem.  The real problem was that the different bowls and lids fit together like a puzzle.  The items didn’t stack real well so everyone just shoved it in and then closed the door.

For Christmas Mike received a gift card to a local home improvement store.  Since he didn’t really need anything, he gave me the card to use as I saw fit.  I decided to replace all of our storage containers with a new set.  This set allowed for two different sized lids to fit on four different sized containers.  Can you believe it?  I actually can find matching lids!  The set cost about $25 and completely fits on the bottom shelf.

The center shelf contains my two large measuring cups, a smaller set of measuring cups, two larger containers with lids (they match the set on the bottom but were bought separate) and my drainer.

Mike was given the top shelf for his bottles and take-out containers.  The top shelf isn’t currently as organized as this picture portrays it but I’m not uptight about it as long as 1) it’s not so messy that items fall out on top of me 2) the center and bottom shelf remain as neat as they are in this picture.

What are your secrets for keeping an organized cabinet?
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