Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu Plan

Welcome to another week! For being a short week, last week seemed so long….  You’ll notice last week I didn’t do a menu plan; I even debated not doing one for this week.  Here’s the thing, sometimes I feel like a fraud.  Life gets busy and my menu plan is kind of sad.  But it’s during those times when I think it’s even more important to share what I’m doing so that others who may be in the same boat know they aren’t alone and we can maybe glean some ideas from each other.

My summer menus typically tend to be easier than my winter menus. Grilling outside is something I love to do.  Days are longer and I want to take advantage of the sunshine after being locked up inside all day.  Life tends to get a bit busier too with more things going on than in the winter months.

With that being said, you can bet that the majority of my menu includes brats, hamburgers, brat patties and chicken. Not very exciting.  Or, to be honest, healthy.  However, I do have a few things up my sleeve that are super easy and add a bit of healthy stuff to the table.

Here are a few tips for making dinner a bit healthier in addition to easy.

  1. Take advantage of the supermarket salad bar/deli. Our local grocery store has a kick butt deli with roasted asparagus, tomato salads and couscous in addition to the less healthy potato salads. I’ve also been known to make a big salad or two from the salad bar to serve the family along with some cold chicken.
  2. A big bucket of lettuce is your friend. We have a lot of salads at our house. While I like to keep my salad separate from my meat (most of the time) Mike usually piles meat on top of his salad. I usually buy a big box of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and any other goodies I like in our salads.
  3. Frozen vegetables are a great go to. Although I love fresh veggies, sometimes we just have to keep it simple. I always keep bags of frozen veggies in the freezer that I can whip out and stick in the microwave while I have the grill going.
  4. Think outside of the box when it comes to grilling. In addition to meats, we like to use our grill for other things like pizza.

Weekly Menu

Steaks on the grill


Brat Patties (these are flavored patties)


Dinner out 2x


That’s it for me, what are you planning on serving this week? I’ll be linking up at I’m an Organizing Junkie.


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