Spa Water – How I drink almost 100 oz of water a day


At the beginning of the year, I declared this year to be “The Year of Me”.  The year when I would start feeling good and taking care of myself.  A full year dedicated to me.  Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Reality is that it has been a lot of work.  However, feeling better has been wonderful and makes me push to continue to feel even better.  One of the items that is helping me feel better?  Spa Water.


Spa Water

One of the items on my task list was to drink more water, which has been a problem for me.  I have a confession to make, I hate water.  Even as a baby and small child, my mom couldn’t get me to drink water.  Although as an adult I would sometimes stomach bottled water, drinking water straight from the tap is something that I just couldn’t (and still can’t) do.  Needless to say, not liking water has made it difficult for me as an adult to break some of my bad habits (namely sugared drinks) and actually drink the amount of water I should be drinking.

One type of water that I do like is flavored water.   Not the kind that you buy in a bottle, the kind you get in a nice hotel.  You know, you walk into the lobby from a long day of travel and they have a large pitcher of ice cold, flavored water there for you.  Ah, that always makes my day!  Knowing how much I like the flavored hotel water, I decided to add my own pitcher of “spa water” into my daily routine so that I could enjoy what I was drinking instead of torturing myself and trying to endure water.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t liking what you’re drinking you aren’t going to be able to keep it up.

Benefits of drinking water

Move of us know that we are suppose to be drinking an appropriate amount of water daily.  64 ounces has been the general rule of thumb.  Maybe you don’t know why drinking water is good for you.  Here are some tangible reasons why you should down that water.

  • Aids in weight loss – staying hydrated usually means being less hungry.  Plus, if you are drinking water you potentially aren’t drinking high calorie soft drinks
  • Prevents migraines – dehydration is one trigger for migraines.  As a migraine sufferer, I’m willing to do whatever I can to reduce/eliminate any triggers
  • Allows our kidneys to work properly – we all know that our kidneys help our body’s remove toxins.  Drinking an adequate amount of water helps our kidney’s out.
  • Increases energy levels – dehydration leads to feeling tired.  Fight exhaustion by drinking water!
  • Joints and cartilage need it – water helps lubricate joints and cartilage which helps with those general aches and pains.
  • Adding fruits and vegetables allows us to get additional minerals that our body needs

Determining my Spa Water delivery vessels

After deciding to add spa water to my daily routine and knowing my disdain of water, I needed to ensure that I had a fail safe method for delivery my water easily and conveniently.  The first thing that I did was to buy myself a pretty pitcher to keep in my refrigerator.  I respond well to aesthetically pleasing items so I knew that having a pitcher in my fridge that made me smile was exactly what I needed.  My mom ended up buying me this one for Christmas.  I absolutely love it!  The next thing that I did was to think about how I was going to get water down at work.  Santa bought me a personal sized infuser bottle for me to keep at work.  Amazon must work closely with Santa because I was able to find the same one I got in my stocking online.  Amazing! By the way, both of those links are affiliate links.

Fruits and vegetables I use to make my Spa Water

Once I had my delivery vessels decided, I started thinking about what I could flavor my water with.  I personally have three that are my go tos.  Each day I rotate through them so that I don’t get sick of an

  • Strawberry (I also like to add either mint or basil)
  • Cucumber (I also like to add mint)
  • Lemon (mint is good here too!)

I also tried

  • Blueberries (I like to mash them a bit)
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Raspberries

Those weren’t bad, I just found that I didn’t like them as much.  If you Google spa water you’ll find all kinds of websites offering a huge variety of options.

The end result

So it’s been four months now since I’ve broken my sugared drink/caffeine habit and I’m feeling pretty good.  On the rare occasions when I want a hot, flavored beverage, I typically go with an herbal tea.  I also do drink an occasional wine and/or mixed drink (non-soda) but those are the exception versus the rule.  I can definitely say I feel a lot better and did lose weight initially when I cut out soda and sweet tea.

Keeping myself from straying at times has been difficult but I try to remain focused on why I’m doing it.  I have had to make changes to some of my eating habits to keep my desire for soda at a minimum.  After all, what’s a pizza without soda, right?  I rarely eat my go-to pizza and instead have switched to a flavor that I never ordered when I was drinking soda.  Although there are times that I miss my tea and soda, I appreciate how much better I’m feeling and know that I’m in it for the long haul.

Do you have any tips on how you’ve increased your water consumption?


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2 thoughts on “Spa Water – How I drink almost 100 oz of water a day

  1. I experienced that special hotel water for the first time when traveling for work this summer. It was such a nice treat after a long, busy day. Thank you for sharing your great tips!

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by. When I walk into a hotel and see the fresh water it makes me happy. It’s always the little things, isn’t it 🙂