Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu Plan

Happy 4th of July! Hopefully everyone is able to spend some time with family.  I have a weird week this week in terms of time off.  Mike had to work this weekend but he was able to take the 4th off along with his normal days off of Wednesday and Thursday.  I decided to work Monday and take Wednesday off instead so that I could spend some time with Mike.  Now that’s it’s Monday morning, I  am questioning the wisdom of that decision 🙂

Last week was a really long, exhausting week.  I traveled Monday and Tuesday, not getting in until late each night (Monday was after 10:30 before we got into our hotel and I didn’t get home from the trip until 9:30.)  Wednesday I had dinner out with The Chicks so by Thursday I was totally exhausted and pretty much climbed into my pajamas as soon I got home.  As you can imagine, my cooking plan went right out the window!  Ugh – the Wonder Woman complex!

Although I did manage to get a number of meals cooked last week, I did have two of the Plated.com meals left that I’ve carried over to this week.  We had the bison burgers yesterday and will have the buffalo chicken sliders tonight.  Or maybe tomorrow….. One thing I have decided is that on weeks when I get my Plated box, I’m going to need to move it to a Thursday deliver instead of Tuesday. We tend to do a better job during the summer of making the meals for lunch before Mike goes to work instead of dinner.

Tonys Pasta Shop and Trattoria Italian Cuisine

Last week’s trip was so quick that I didn’t get to see any part of the area, however we did have lunch at a neat place that I wanted to share with you.  We were in Chattanooga (first time in the city) and the people we were visiting took us to the Bluff View Art District for lunch.  What a neat area!  It’s about a block and a half that is filled with restaurants, an art gallery, a bed and breakfast and other shopping venues.  We ate lunch at Tony’s which was fabulous.  If you are in the Chattanooga area and are looking for a place to eat I’d highly recommend checking the area out.  The gardens are beautiful and a great way to spend an hour or two.

Weekly Menu


Bison Burger (left over from last week’s Plated.com box)

Image courtesy of Plated.com

Image courtesy of Plated.com

Buffalo Chicken Sliders (left over from last week’s Plated.com box)

Steak on the Grill

Steak on the grill with strawberry salad

Manchego and Fig Jam Burger

Manchego Burger with grilled pineapple

Brats on the Grill

Brats on the Grill with Italian corn

Dinner out

Barbecue with family

That’s it for us.  What are you planning on eating this week?

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Menu

  1. One thing I adored and have not had since we visited the US 7 years ago is a bison burger. We just don’t get them here in Australia. More’s the pity, they were so good!

    • We don’t have them often but I too live a good bison burger. It sounds to me like you need a trip to the US for some bison meat 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!