About Me


About Me

Hello!  I’m Elizabeth Hill* and I appreciate you stopping by.  I’m a procurement professional by day as well as a wife and mother by night (OK – let’s be honest I’m a wife and mother by day as well!)  My husband Mike and I are high school sweethearts who have been married for over 25 years.  We have two great kids who are growing up to be pretty cool young adults.  Our son Michael is in his mid-twenties and out on his own while our daughter Belle is currently in college.

Why I Blog

For most of my life I’ve felt like I needed to be Wonder Woman. Maybe it was coming of age in the 80’s when movies like Working Girl was popular.  Who knows, whatever the reason, I felt that I not only needed to have a decent job but I also needed to be June Cleaver with a little Martha Stewart and Brigitte Bardotte thrown in.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that is not realistic and by putting so much pressure on myself I was missing out on the life I really wanted to lead. Hence Wonder Woman I’m Not.  I started this blog as a way to find balance in my life.  Balance that allows me to be a better wife, mother and employee while still enjoying life.  Oh yeah – and to remind myself that I really am NOT a super hero.  The Wonder Woman complex really never goes away no matter how hard you try.

I love sharing my journey with other people.  I love hearing their stories.  I’m thrilled when someone says to me “you totally spoke to my heart with this post, reading your words made me realize that I’m not the only one who has these feelings”.

Writing at Wonder Woman I’m Not has made me a better person. I’m learning to not sweat the small stuff. Keep it simple. Relax and enjoy life.

About Wonder Woman I’m Not

Wonder Woman I’m Not is a judgement free zone.  I believe as human beings most of us try to do our best with what we’ve been given.  Not everyone is going to have a spotless house, be able to whip up two dozen cupcakes with an hour’s notice, write stunning posts or be the world’s best wife and mother. However, by really focusing on what’s important to us and finding ways to “lean-up” our life I truly believe we can all lead the life we want.

I’m hopeful that you will find some ideas here at Wonder Woman I’m Not to enhance your life and make it the best life you can have!  Please feel free to share your ideas as well.  Sharing of the knowledge will only make us all better people.

I love hearing from my readers.  Please stop by, introduce yourself and say hi.


*Elizabeth Hill is my pen name.  Due to the sensitive nature of my husband’s job and our kid’s safety I don’t want our family to be “Googleable”.  While not my given name, Elizabeth is a name that my grandparents have called me all my life and really represents who I am.


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