Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu Plan

Things have been pretty crazy here in the WWIN household.  Just when you think you’ve got your stuff together, chaos reigns and all you can do is hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

As I mentioned in my last post, Belle moved out so we’ve been spending some time helping her get her room together.  Until she could get in the house, it was hard to know exactly what she would need.  When she moved in, we didn’t have time to get any blinds up so she’s spent the last couple of weeks with white sheets hanging over her windows.  This weekend we finally got the blinds up and what a difference it makes!  She has a lot of windows in her room so the light and the breeze is incredible with the windows being open.

Mike and I had planned to take vacation last week but due to some global issues wreaking havoc at work, I was only able to take a couple of days.  We crammed as much as we could in those days and enjoyed some kayaking as well as a couple of day trips.  This weekend I’ll be taking another day trip with my parents as well.

Want to hear some exciting news?  I’ve signed up with an art gallery in town and will be displaying my photography professionally for the first time.  It’s been a little stressful getting everything prepared but I’m really excited.  Hopefully people will like my art and I’ll make some money 🙂  I also have a number of photography shoots coming up through October.

You’re now caught up on the news in our household!

This week is going to be fairly low-key.  I have a work dinner and a photography shoot.  Friday night one of my co-workers is hosting a get together so I’ll probably be baking some cupcakes for that.  Other than those few things, I plan on veggie all night and finish touching up the photos from the last few shoots that I did.

Unexpected Company? Try the 10 Minute Clean Up

10 minute clean up

A guest post from my friend Wanda:  I know that ideally your house should always be company ready, but I have two boys and this is not always easy to do. I want to acknowledge that right up front. To compensate we use what I like to call the 10 minute clean up.  Here is the situation–a friend or family member calls and asks if okay that they stop by for a visit. They will be there in 10 minutes. You frantically look around your house while saying over the phone, “sure we are home and would love to see you.” You end your call and go into freak mode. otherwise known as the 10 minute clean up mode.  10 minutes may not seem like a lot, but trust me, you can do a lot in that time. The pure adrenaline will push you through.

Homemade Pan Cleaner

This is a guest post from my friend Lynn:  Recently I read about a new homemade pan cleaner that just about everyone can easily make from your cupboard items.  This cleaner can take old stained pans and make them shine like brand new.  This “recipe” calls for two common household items and is super easy and effective.

homemade pan cleaner

I believe pots and pans are just one use for this cleaner.   This little paste is helpful on many items.  You can try this little formula on tarnished items or as a jewelry cleaner.   Of course you must test any item to ensure it does not scratch or harm the items finish.

Household Tips – Cleaning a Front Load Washing Machine

Household Tips

I love sharing my household tips and have one for you that I think you’ll like.  If you have a front load washer and haven’t cleaned it, like ever, take note. Not that I want to admit this, but I have a had a front load washer for about 5 years and NEVER cleaned it. I’m not bragging because I am “oh so clean,” but because I am here to let you know how disgusting my washer became. Now, I didn’t take pictures of the ugly mess because it was about getting it done and not about someday writing a post about it, but I feel that I can do it justice by explaining the disgust that I experienced so that you can avoid my horror.